At A Glance

GEC Riyadh: March 27 – 30, 2022


GEC Riyadh: Building One Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The full collection of events and sessions at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collaboration among a diverse array of ecosystem builders, entrepreneurial support organizations, investors, governments and entrepreneurs from 170+ countries. Over the course of four days, delegates share information about innovative new approaches to empower entrepreneurs while ecosystem leaders and policymakers alike renew their national strategies.



Opening Ceremony: Building One Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

  • Representatives from GEN and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will welcome GEC delegations by sharing their visions for entrepreneurship in 2030, followed by remarks from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Startup Nations Ministerial

  • The Startup Nations Ministerial serves as a high-level dialogue among policy leaders and entrepreneurship policy experts about how public-sector agencies across the world can better encourage more new and young businesses to start and grow. Invited national authorities and knowledge partners from multilateral institutions will discuss how governments can support entrepreneurial innovation.

GEN Annual Meeting: Part 1

  • Through a series of facilitated interactive workshops, and with the use of design thinking and strategic planning tools, national delegations develop a roadmap for addressing gaps and adding value to their entrepreneurship ecosystems. Delegates are encouraged to measure success with metrics aligned with addressing ecosystem gaps and solving challenges and barriers faced by their entrepreneurs. The exercises also capture common assumptions and myths.



Plenary Sessions

  • The morning plenary session will feature global brands and powerful voices along with a discussion about the outcomes from the Startup Nations Ministerial.

Parallel Sessions

  • Informative sessions powered by leading organizations outlining new models, concepts, initiatives and data-based solutions to solving entrepreneurial ecosystem challenges.
    • Masterclasses: One-directional lectures from global experts on a variety of topics such as How to Reduce Risk Before Presenting Your Startup Idea to Investors.
    • Workshops: Hands-on exercises that encourage delegates to take specific practices or outputs back home. These workshops are tailored for entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs). For example: Monitoring and Evaluation Best Practices for Entrepreneur-Support Programs or Building an Alternative Funding Roadmap
    • Panels: Experience-sharing among 3-5 speakers from different nations to discuss still-unresolved topics such as Inclusiveness in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems or Sector Exploration.
    • Learning Hubs + Meetups: Highly-interactive, camp-fire type sessions to dive deeper into specific topics and encourage a participatory discussion on topics such as Research You Should Know, Developing Corporate-Startup Collaboration and/or Q&A Sessions with Plenary Speakers and Experts.
    • One-to-One Mentoring: Exclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs and stakeholders to get advice from world-class mentors.

GEN Compass Awards Ceremony (Invite Only)

  • Held annually during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), the Compass Awards recognize the teams, organizations, and institutions who have made a valuable contribution to strengthening entrepreneurship ecosystems at the local, regional and national level in 170+ countries – connecting their entrepreneurs globally to fuel their growth.



Global Business Angels Network Annual Meeting

  • Angel investment network managers and leaders come together to share and learn from each other, helping to build cross-border connections, collaborations and joint investment portfolios.

Global Entrepreneurship Research Network Annual Meeting

  • The Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) brings together the organizations that lead in generating knowledge about supporting those who create and grow businesses. The goal of the 2020 meeting is three-fold: a) to discuss the most recent evidence-based insights for ecosystem builders, b) to seek to align research priorities based on knowledge gaps reported by entrepreneur-support organizations (ESOs), and c) to help ESOs adopt monitoring and evaluation practices.

Additional Members-only Summits

  • These invitation-only gatherings allow stakeholders interfacing in specific ecosystem platforms to exchange knowledge and build initiatives to help build one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Continuation of Parallel Sessions (as outlined above)



GEN Annual Meeting: Part 2

  • GEN members and national delegations reconvene in the morning to discuss new information, adjust their initial canvasses and brainstorm detailed action plans.

Local Ecosystem Tours

  • During the afternoon, delegates will have the opportunity to explore Riyadh’s local entrepreneurship ecosystem first-hand through on-site visits to key ecosystem stakeholders facilities.