The Startup Nations Ministerial

As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, the Startup Nations Ministerial is held for cabinet-level government ministers responsible for advancing entrepreneurship throughout their economies.

The Startup Nations Ministerial serves as a high-level dialogue among policy leaders and entrepreneurship policy experts about how public-sector agencies across the world can encourage entrepreneurial growth.  The Ministerial is guided by a Steering Committee where each continent is represented. The Ministerial agenda is informed by year-round policy dialogues among a network of startup-savvy public officials – members of the Startup Nations network, along research emerging from a global network of institutions.

At the Startup Nations Ministerial, authorities share information about innovative policy instruments, learn about new evidence and enhance cross-border collaboration to help entrepreneurs scale businesses.

Ministers’ staff then continue this knowledge exchange and consultations year-round via a platform of Startup Nations tools such as the Atlas of Policies, collaborative policy design via Policy Hack activities, an annual Summit of policy advisors, and a series of year-round policy dialogues to cover any policy implementation challenges.