Entrepreneurship World Cup



GEN Accelerates Powers the World’s Largest Startup Competition

The Entrepreneurship World Cup—a ten month long, multi-tiered global competition, sponsored by the MISK Foundation, featured over 100,000 applicants from over 100 countries—leveraged the GEN Accelerates platform to seamlessly:

  • Scale for Worldwide Access
  • Segment Participants for Selection and Filtering by Phase
    • National Competitions
    • Triple-phase accelerator for over 100 global winners
    • Global Finals for a “top 10” pitch showcase and competition
  • Offer Top-down Support, from Inception Through Completion
  • Capture Ongoing, Up-to-date Metrics for all Participants

As its primary technological backend, the GEN Accelerates platform afforded the program organizers /MISK the ability to quickly and easily, set up and support:

  • Applications—the management and evaluation of the applicant pipeline
  • Virtual Accelerators—hosting virtual accelerators—segmented into three distinct program tracks (Idea Stage, Early Stage and Growth Stage)— featuring over 300 hours of virtual mentoring, eighteen content curated modules, live cohort webinars and CEO/founder discussions, and weekly deliverable submissions that were evaluated by remote experts via the platform, all hosted over a six-week period
  • Metrics Collection—capture ongoing, up-to-date, custom metrics for all participants