Certification Programs

Certification Programs

Nurturing a Global Community of World-Class Ecosystem Builders

Entrepreneurs are an increasingly valuable resource for solving some of the world’s most stubborn challenges. Fostering entrepreneurship has become a pillar in economic development planning in cities and countries around the world.

With the increased focus on and prioritization of entrepreneurship, the need for effective ecosystem builders has never been more urgent. Ecosystem builders are those who impact the broader entrepreneurship system through assessing gaps, building capacity and creating resources, and those who work on-the-ground, at the community level, supporting and nurturing entrepreneurs and innovators. GEN Accelerates Certification Programs were developed with these people in mind.

GEN Accelerates Certification are a series of world class programs designed to create, train, support and nurture an unparalleled, global community of top entrepreneurial ecosystem builders and service providers. A brand of excellence, GEN Accelerates Certification is a recognized stamp of credibility for a growing network of GEN Accelerates certified trainers and practitioners.

Our current certifications offerings include:

  1. GEN Certified Mentor
  2. GEN Diligence Review

GEN Accelerates Trainings & Certifications comprise the following:

1. GEN Certified Mentor Program

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in the development of entrepreneurs and companies and, while companies rely on the guidance and support of their mentors, many are not formally trained in process and system best practices. The GEN Certified Mentor Program is designed to train mentors and mentorship programs in instituting proper diligence and best practices to assure the best outcomes for their mentees.

Certifications include:

  • GEN Certified Mentor

2. Capital Partner Certification Program: GEN Diligence Audits

In partnership with GBAN, GEN Accelerates offers GEN Diligence Certified capital professionals. From SEED rounds through Series B, this international network of trained practitioners offers entrepreneurs support in their fundraising efforts.

Certifications include:

  • GEN Diligence Review – SEED
  • GEN Diligence Review – Series A