GEN Managing Director Program

The GEN Managing Director accelerator program was launched in 2019 to support Global Entrepreneurship Network's national affiliates in scores of countries across the world. Each managing director joined the network with unique experiences as entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders, allowing for rich exchanges, best practice sharing, and support within the cohort.

The two-month program focuses on developing and executing a unique GEN affiliate strategy and sustainability plan, addressing local opportunities and needs, for the MD's organization to increase their national impact.

"The GEN MD program is now a core component of building successful national initiatives, and engaging stakeholders from across the ecosystem: from the national government to the entrepreneurs themselves. The GEN Accelerates Platform empowers GEN Global to support its in-country affiliates in a wide variety of ways. One is with the ability to build a purpose-built content library that houses videos of experts, how-to guides, and standardized materials. Another is that the task tracking and mentor note features allow each program director to provide targeted advice and individualized guidance to all cohort participants."

Peter Komives, VP for Strategic Development, GEN

"The GEN MD program has been such a great experience that came in the right time! This virtual program has connected many dots for me and offered me a guided path to the way forward. The combination between the group webinars and the individual sessions have added a lot of clarity to refine my strategy and the steps that I can take today to take GEN Saudi to the next level. What makes this experience more special is the dedicated team that works from the heart and truly aims to creating more entrepreneurial teams and thinkers."

Amal Dokhan, Managing Director, GEN Saudi