Going Virtual: Solutions to Maintain Your Impact
Susan Amat of GEN Accelerates
Photo Credit: GEN Global (Flickr)
6 Apr 2020

As we all adjust to social distancing and many other new routines forced on us by a global pandemic, GEN Accelerates is focused on doing what it can to assist and support entrepreneurs and those who empower them. 

As Jonathan Ortmans mentioned in his recent post, Regenerating Our Entrepreneurial Spirit, it is quite possible that live, in-person meetings may not be happening for some time still. However, GEN Accelerates enables us to continue to deliver virtual programming that elevates entrepreneurs and their ecosystems while adhering to our new normal. 

GEN Accelerates is the overarching program that creates, curates and houses virtual educational entrepreneurship content. It combines human expertise and experience with a virtual platform offering plug-and-play curriculum and structured mentorship for entrepreneurs, accelerators and ecosystem builders. 

Currently, GEN Accelerates is helping community members around the world continue to make an impact:

  • Entrepreneurship World Cup
    Global / Virtual
    GEN Accelerates is now in its second year of providing training curriculum and mentorship for the Entrepreneurship World Cup. Our virtual platform delivers programming to participants from more than 100 countries -- offering scores of hours of content, hosting virtual accelerator programs, offering top-down support while managing mentors and support for EWC applicants and finalists. 

  • GEN Country Leadership Accelerator
    Global / Virtual
    GEN Accelerates is running an eight-week virtual program to support managing directors for GEN affiliates in a dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America as they develop national strategies for supporting local entrepreneurship development initiatives. In this program and through the platform, managing directors are able to tap into a vast GEN network of experts—to connect, share (services, insights, best practices) and create the highest impact for their respective countries.

Looking ahead, GEN Accelerates could support efforts to provide virtual mentoring, community building and other programming aimed at identifying and removing barriers to entrepreneurship -- supporting entrepreneurs wherever they may be. 

In these uncertain times, we are all being asked to reassess and redefine what it means to be productive. With social distancing rules and norms being established worldwide, how we continue to communicate, connect, interact and support one another will invariably face new pressures. We will have to adapt. In this light, the power of virtual collaboration has never been more consequential. At GEN Accelerates we will continue to deploy the strength of our resources and virtual ecosystem to support entrepreneurs in every corner of the globe to learn, grow, connect and network.

Susan Amat

Executive Director for GEN Accelerates | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Dr. Susan Amat leads GEN Accelerates, an initiative to support capacity-building and program development for entrepreneur support organizations… More