For Venture (VCs) and Portfolio Managers

Tracking Business Venture Performance with Ease & Precision

Venture investing can be risky, and without quality metrics and reporting rigor, those risks quickly become untenable. Unlike investment in mature companies producing cash flow, sales and profits—metrics that make it straightforward to track a company’s value—startups have little to no clearly defined and/or agreed upon value metrics. Nevertheless, stakeholders in the venture investing industry are generally in agreement that measuring performance and risk is imperative. To do so, venture portfolio managers often employ proprietary risk management techniques that are cumbersome to implement and execute.

The GEN Accelerates Platform makes it easy for venture investors to track business venture performance, simplifying much of the labor involved with the ongoing work of deal management.

Through the GEN Accelerates Platform, portfolio managers can:

  • Design & Implement Custom Metrics Regimes—custom metrics regimes tailored to the context of the venture. Metrics can be defined, tracked and reported against at both the venture and product-levels. Required/default metrics can be created for global application and/or for specific ventures. Participant ventures can track, store and report company and product-level metrics, and report sensitive company-level information with stakeholders. Data can be imported and exported with ease.
  • Automate Recurring Tasks—like venture deliverable submissions, reporting, sharing of resources and data with portfolio companies and key stakeholders and meetings (ie. board meetings, quarterly reviews etc.).