GEN Europe is a European-led initiative focused on advancing the continent’s entrepreneurial capacity through enhanced entrepreneurship support programs and policy instruments.

Part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), GEN Europe helps inform and educate European entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders and provides an open platform for discussion about specific challenges affecting European entrepreneurs and those that support them – including policymakers.



  • Support National Governments by:
    • Identifying and elevating some of the best-in-class programs and policy instruments from inside and outside of Europe
    • Providing input on national entrepreneurship strategies in Europe that leverages access to GEN’s global communities of entrepreneurs and investors as well as its verticals in research and policy development
    • Expanding Europe’s involvement in GEN’s Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) – both in terms of the development of new research partnerships and alignment with global priorities and opportunities
    • Providing direct in-country support to national ecosystem leadership teams when resources allow
    • Connecting government leaders to relevant counterparts outside Europe for recognition as well as researching new ideas, policy initiatives and programs throughout Europe by:
      • Increasing European policymakers’ presence in GEN’s Startup Nations Atlas of Policies (SNAP), a policy portal and database of public sector policies and programs that support entrepreneurship around the world – acting as a one-stop reference point for both entrepreneurs and policymakers
      • Expanding awareness in Europe about globally proven entrepreneurship support and education programs that are relevant to key identified European challenges and gaps
      • Increasing the engagement of non-Europeans in supporting European entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Collaborate with the European Commission Directorates by:
    • Providing information to EU decisionmakers about proven methodologies and programs relevant to Europe
    • Improving the quality and reducing the cost of EU-supported entrepreneurship projects through greater collective knowledge sharing and quality control
    • Increasing EU collaboration with GERN and Startup Nations, GEN’s policy network, around advancing research and policy that are central to job creation and SME support
    • Supporting and engaging in each other’s research and policy events
    • Better connecting GEN’s country affiliates on the continent with European and EU institutions
  • Explore partnerships with other continent-wide entrepreneurship and SME organizations:
    • Working with other entrepreneurship support organizations to maximize global methodologies and knowledge while minimizing duplication
    • Improving the performance of leading-edge communities within Europe that are vital to new efforts to support entrepreneurship
    • Developing relationships with best-in-class research institutions and associations  
  • Coordinate the work of GEN’s European country affiliate leadership teams by:
    • Supporting the leadership development of GEN affiliates in Europe
    • Engaging each GEN country affiliate operation more closely with European Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) hosts, Global Business Angel Network (GBAN) projects, GERN partners, Startup Nations members as well as other policy projects and GEN programs
    • Increasing the engagement of the European Commission with the Kauffman Foundation, GERN, Startup Nations, GBAN and other GEN-initiated efforts valuable to the Commission.


GEN Europe Executive Committee

GEN Europe is led by an Executive Committee composed of 10 Europeans who are currently active in GEN along with Buke Cuhadar, Vice President of GEN. The Executive Committee contributes time in helping lead GEN Europe projects. The Executive Committee was initially appointed by GEN through March 2018 while future members will be appointed directly by GEN Europe. The Executive Committee chaired by Freddy Nurski from GEN Belgium sets the strategic direction, serves as the primary interface with the EU and other external partners and vets membership requests to join the GEN Europe Council.


GEN Europe Council & Membership

Anyone can sign up as a community member of the GEN Europe community and engage virtually in dialogue and information sharing. The GEN Europe Council, however, is made up of 50 senior members of GEN Europe including GEN Country managing directors, GEW hosts, GERN members, Startup Nations members and others that actively work to foster new and young businesses in Europe. GEN Europe has both EU and non-EU Members and more than one organization per EU member country is permitted.