GEN Space provides a global ecosystem platform to help stimulate the creation of startups and scale-ups focused on entrepreneurial opportunities in space.

Through connecting existing and nascent space entrepreneurs with relevant government agencies, industry and investors, the program promotes collaboration and helps increase the viability of space commerce.

GEN Space serves more than 2,000 companies employing thousands of astropreneurs interested in developing launch systems, space hardware technology and support infrastructure, including: habitats, advanced materials, big data, exotic fuels, flight safety and space suits. It is also a means for connecting companies that are currently serving terrestrial markets today but which may solve grand space challenges tomorrow.



GEN Space has the following market focus:

  • Entrepreneurial space:
    Companies directly involved in launch systems hardware technology and supporting infrastructure, including data acquisition, communications, exotic fuels, space suits, flight safety, in-space market activities, launch vehicles, satellites, space craft, satellite constellations and space energy.
  • Space-related:
    Companies involved in process engineering, power systems, bioregenerative systems, tourism, media, software and downstream supportive solutions.
  • Space-scalable:
    Companies serving a terrestrial market today, which can solve space problems and advance the frontier as demand grows and vice versa.



  • Identify and connect the existing Space ecosystems around the world to create an effective GEN community
  • Make Space entrepreneurship visible to new investors that typically invest in other verticals
  • Share best practices among accelerators and incubators globally, as well as their respective ecosystems
  • Promote localized and global economic growth through Space entrepreneurship
  • Steer Space entrepreneurship towards impactful solutions

For more information or to share your perspective, please contact GEN Space through its executive director, Stephan Reckie, at sreckie@genglobal.org