Space as a Medium: Space for Beginners
Photo Credit: NASA
28 Jan 2019

Hola. Currently in a broad sense, space and business in the same sentence really has to do with satellite applications and the business opportunities across its entire supply chain. Today space is just a medium, a means to an end for something else to happen. In 2019 terms that means: data, communications and yes, more data. There is actually no current business model on the Moon, Mars, NEAs (Near Earth Asteroids). There will be, just not yet.

It is no coincidence that some of these "newspace" companies have rebranded themselves as data companies. It is also no coincidence that, as we speak, there is a Data.Space conference taking place in Glasgow. Also no coincidence, that when I talk to some of the entrepreneurs in the "newspace" ecosystem they feel more related to their respective niche areas like weather forecasting, C02 monitoring, etc. Some of them barely have the "newspace" conferences on their minds.

Just as internet companies use the ocean to transport most of its data, an Earth observation or a telecommunications company are using space to facilitate their terrestrial applications. In these two cases, both the ocean and space are just the medium. Yes, you can say I am missing space tourism, launch services (actual rockets & aggregators) but today they only represent a small percentage of the commercial space ecosystem.

I just wanted to take this out from my chest. The word space, in many cases, freaks out a lot of people that either are not familiar with it or see it as science fiction. There is something you must understand: space is now a facilitator of a whole new era of applications where not just space agencies will get benefited from it, but the whole human kind.

Cambio y fuera.

Photo Credit: NASA

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