GEN Welcomes Arnobio Morelix as Senior Advisor
18 Aug 2020

The world is changing dramatically, and it’s been challenging to keep up with all the shifts across business, technology, and society as a whole. Thankfully, Silicon Valley-based executive and author Arnobio Morelix has been keeping a close eye on these trends and building tools for founders and technology creators to navigate them in the decades to come.

We are pleased to welcome Morelix as the new senior advisor for the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Before today, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Morelix in his role as Chief Innovation Officer at Startup Genome, as well hosting him in our events for years before, in his previous role at the Kauffman Foundation. GEN and Startup Genome have co-produced the influential Global Startup Ecosystem Report for the past years.

“Arnobio is one of the foremost thinkers about how technology is shaping our society,” said Jonathan Ortmans, president and founder of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. “As a global thought leader and executive, he has advised CEOs, founders, and government leaders about the fundamental shifts our society is going through. We are thrilled to welcome Arnobio to Global Entrepreneurship Network’s select group of senior advisors.”

Working at the intersection of technology, economics, and policy, Morelix also serves roles as Chief Data Scientist at Inc. Magazine and as a contributing data science expert with Stanford University’s Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. His work and analysis have been featured widely in publications including the New York Times, The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, among others. Additionally, he's been a frequent public speaker at major places and events including South By Southwest, the Facebook Headquarters, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the OECD -- as well as our own Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

While that background alone would make Morelix a perfect fit as an advisor for GEN, we are also glad to be working with him because of his newest project — The Great Reboot, a book about how to navigate the post-pandemic world of technology and society. The Great Reboot, out in December 2020, explores how post-pandemic shifts affect businesses in the decades to come; the impacts of the Great Reboot at home, work, cities, and the world as whole; how tech creators and founders should responsibility build new products during this time; and more. The pre-publication campaign for The Great Reboot is open now through September 3rd, and we invite the GEN community to participate in the campaign and join as beta readers of the book.

“The Global Entrepreneurship Network is one of the most important movements globally working to democratize access to entrepreneurship, with a presence in 170 countries,” Morelix said. “I am thrilled to join GEN as a Senior Advisor and bring my expertise around tech and society -- as well as the Great Reboot -- to this amazing global community.”

As GEN works to navigate how to best help entrepreneurs during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe working with leaders like Morelix will help us more effectively serve our community. Many startups are hurting now but they also should be looking ahead to the post-pandemic and how to build things that will last after “The Great Reboot” in our society is complete.

Welcome to the GEN team Arnobio! You can connect with him via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Julia DiLeo

Digital Communications Associate | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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