About GEN Georgia

Gen Georgia

GEN Georgia was founded on February 2018, which aims to :

  • Provide high impact entrepreneurs access to research, programs and networks inside the 170 nation strong GEN, GEW network;
  • Promote role of women in STEM field, create stem education programs and support women startups and entrepreneurs;
  • Promote agro and rural entrepreneurship and support startups and entrepreneurs, especially women from agriculture and rural areas; Promote and develop impact investment field in Georgia;
  • Ensure constructive engagement of the public sector in supporting entrepreneur designed public programs and evelop entrepreneurial research, policy and advocacy programs;

Tinatin Gholadze – GEN Georgia Managing Director

'We will do our best to promote entrepreneurial culture and support Georgian entrepreneurs with the help of local stakeholders.Our main strength is access to a largest global entrepreneurial network, which will help us to successfully connect local entrepreneurs with a global world. Founders of GEN Georgia are women entrepreneurs themselves, so we are going to focus on empowering women and girl from rural areas, especially in STEM and agriculture fields’.

GEN Georgia co founders profile :

1. Tinatin Gholadze - Founder and Managing Director of GEN Georgia / startup ecosystem builder, entrepreneur

2. Neli Makhviladze - Founder  of GEN Georgia / Director  at research  scientific organization Techinform/ researcher scientist

3. Tamar Batsilashvili - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder  of design studio Amqari /entrepreneur

4. Sophie Gholadze - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder of translation  agency FTC/ scientist ,entrepreneur

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