GEN Georgia - Founders
Meet the founders of GEN Georgia.
29 Feb 2020

GEN Georgia  aims  to promote  entrepreneurship,  develop local  startup ecosystem and connect  it  to global  network. Organization started  new  year  with a  structural updates and invited the new team of  founders, ready to contribute and develop  organization further . 

Meet our founders :

1. Tinatin Gholadze - Founder and Managing Director of GEN Georgia / startup ecosystem builder, entrepreneur

2. Neli Makhviladze - Founder  of GEN Georgia / Director  at research  scientific organization Techinform/ researcher scientist

3. Tamar Batsilashvili - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder  of design studio Amqari /entrepreneur

4. Sophie Gholadze - Founder of GEN Georgia / Founder of translation  agency FTC/ scientist ,entrepreneur

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Tinatin Gholadze

Managing Director | GEN Georgia

Impact innovator and entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, with a solid background in the non-profit management field. Experienced in creating and… More