Other | December 5, 2015

GERN Member Profile: MaRS

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By Adam Jacobs, Lead Data Scientist and Researcher, MaRS




MaRS believes that seamless access to high-value data and insights can make the world a better place to live, work, and learn. We’re working to solve complex and important problems by acting as a trusted and neutral third party that connects people and data.

At MaRS, we are working to find ways to open up and share that data with the people who can best use it to turn smart ideas into reality. We’re also bringing together various disparate data sets to truly explore how the innovation economy works and what we can do to make it better.

MaRS is built on partnership and collaboration, and we hope to grow our research network beyond Ontario and Canada to share data and insights with the scholars and institutions in GERN. Our team of researchers and experts engage with innovation and entrepreneurship daily and are always looking for new partnerships and data-sharing opportunities.


More information at www.marsdd.com


Dr. Adam Jacobs is an analyst, statistician and data designer for the innovation economy team at MaRS. He is interested in new data visualization tools and open source tools for research. Adam joined MaRS in 2013 after working in data development at a geographic information systems (GIS) software company in Toronto.