I Am an Entrepreneur

I Am an Entrepreneur


About I Am an Entrepreneur

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we encourage people to explore entrepreneurship and provide them access to resources that help them along their entrepreneurial journey. The goal of the I Am an Entrepreneur activity is to give entrepreneurs a platform to share their "Aha" moment with people alike, across every country during GEW 2020.

We want to hear from you about your journey to success. What made you want to become an entrepreneur? Was there a specific "Aha" moment that catapulted your career into entrepreneurship? When did you realize you were an entrepreneur?



Instructions: What to Say

  • Record a short video answering the questions above. Describe your "Aha" moment.
    • Keep the video between 30-40 seconds, filmed in one continuous shot looking directly into the camera.
    • Start your video with a pause for 2 seconds, then start with the statement, "I realized I was an entrepreneur when ______."
    • End your video as follows, "My name is _______" then pause for 1 or 2 seconds and say "I am an entrepreneur."
  • Upload your video using this link: https://record.shoutout.social/gen/gew2020iaae
  • Post your video on social media with the hashtags, #GEW2020 and #IAmAnEntrepreneur.
  • Three finalists are selected, winning membership into the GEN Starters Club.
  • Winner receives a free trip to the next Global Entrepreneurship Congress, scheduled for November 2021 in Riyadh.


Filming Tips

If you are looking for ways to fine tune your recording, check out these helpful tips below:

Use good, natural lighting

  • If recording from a laptop:
    • Sit facing a window with natural sunlight.
    • Avoid tilting your laptop to position yourself on the screen. Instead, place a few books or a box under your laptop so that the camera is eye-level. This will be the most flattering angle for your face and will also avoid odd angles in your backdrop.
  • If recording from a smartphone:
    • Make sure to prop your phone up against a flat surface and sit somewhere with natural sunlight facing you.

Clear out clutter in the background

  • Try sitting in front of a window that has a clutter-free background or is against a clean wall so the video is void of distractions.

Reduce background noise + aim for quality audio

  • Film in a quiet location. If you have a USB microphone or lavalier microphone, it can help minimize background noise and improve sound quality.


Prize Information

  • Three (3) finalists receive entry into the GEN Starters Club, a community of talented founders with access to global connections with experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. Learn more at genstarters.co.
  • Three (3) finalist videos will be featured on the GEW website and through GEN's social media channels.
  • One (1) winner will receive a free trip to the next Global Entrepreneurship Congress, scheduled for March 2021 in Riyadh, and get access to special programming for GEN Starters.


Dates To Remember

Winner(s) to be announced shortly after Global Entrepreneurship Week.



About The Global Entrepreneurship Network

I Am an Entrepreneur is powered by the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

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