Startup Nations Policy Hack


In the pursuit of economic growth and job creation, we are all working to find smarter ways to enable the founders of new firms. However, generally speaking, our governments are not designed to swiftly adapt or react to unexpected regulatory issues emerging from entrepreneurial innovation.

Policymakers have therefore been testing new strategies, like using regulatory sandboxes that bring government and innovators together to assess the regulatory risk, which mimics the lean approach entrepreneurs take to arrive at viable solutions to launch in the market. More specifically, GEN Policy has developed a Startup Nations Policy Hack tool, intended to help convene stakeholders as teams to jointly refine, test, and develop –or “hack”– policy solutions.

Over a half-day, the Startup Nations Policy Hack offers participants a means to devise a policy recommendation and move it closer to being a thought-out solution viable for implementation.

To learn how to organize a GEW event, download the Signature Activity Guide: Startup Nations Policy Hack.