Value Creation Challenge - Youth

Students participating in a challenge

The Value Creation Challenge 

In 2020, GEW is celebrating teachers and students alike with an accessible training module to help you take entrepreneurship education to your classroom and inspire your students to hopefully one day (or even now) create businesses that solve your community’s most pressing problems and needs. Are your students interested in entrepreneurship? Do they know about entrepreneurship? Regardless of what the answer is, first exposures to new concepts and mindsets are important elements of a student learner’s journey.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we encourage people to explore entrepreneurship and provide them access to resources that help them along their entrepreneurial journey. The Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH seeks to empower teachers, regardless of their subject area, to align/embed entrepreneurship education content into their lesson plans and provide students with opportunities at real life simulations of what it’s like to solve problems and add value to what customers face in their communities. Our goal is to bring the Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH to teachers and students across every country during GEW 2020.

How Does it Work?

Anytime after October 26, teachers will have access to a structured training module covering entrepreneurship topics including but not limited to marketing, product management, strategy, operations, and strategy. This module will include a step-by-step guide and lesson plan template to help you engage with and differentiate entrepreneurship content for your students. In addition to this, you will have access to over content covering instruction, student deliverables, scaffolding and student engagement management. 

Why Register for the Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH?

If you are interested in extending your pre-existing knowledge in entrepreneurship or venturing into this educational space for the first time, this is an awesome opportunity to get ahead of the curve. The Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH learning modules have been customized and formatted to address current entrepreneurship topics and ecosystem challenges that are unique to present day citizens. This is an awesome opportunity for your students to bask in the exciting and innovating world of entrepreneurship. Learn the foundational tools that successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet used to build meaningful and lasting solutions to problems that affect trillions of people.

Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH offers opportunities to:

  • Foster authentic relationships, build, and strengthen your local entrepreneurship community
  • Plug into a global entrepreneurial network of teachers, students, mentors, and supports
  • Improve your pedagogical skills and entrepreneurial acumen through Value Creation Challenge modules
  • Leverage programs and resources from GEN's network: Entrepreneurship World Cup, GEN Starters, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, and more
  • Learn the building blocks of innovation

What You Need

  • Device (laptop/desktop/tablet etc.) with internet connection
  • If you are interested in being a part of the Value Creation Challenge - YOUTH during GEW, please fill out this application (applications will go live after October 21, 2020:) 

         APPLY NOW


About Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events in 170+ countries each November aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company.

Founded in 2008, GEW inspires millions each year to explore their potential while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems to empower entrepreneurs and strengthen communities.

In the United States alone, there are 2,500 partner organizations that conduct about 5,000 activities across all 50 states.

Diversity is a driver of innovation and economies suffer if a group of people are underrepresented or face structural barriers. Global Entrepreneurship Week reaches beyond traditional startup hubs like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston - envisioning one entrepreneurial ecosystem open to all, including smaller cities and towns and previously marginalized communities.

There are four themes for GEW 2020: Ecosystems, Education, Inclusion and Policy.