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GEW Youth: Shaping the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs As stronger entrepreneurship ecosystems emerge, young graduates unable to secure a job have more opportunities to leverage their economic freedom and create a job. As they choose to start and scale new businesses, they not only change their lives but also contribute to their communities and countries through job creation and economic renewal. GEW Youth celebrates and shapes the next generation of innovators through activities and competitions to help them sharpen their skills and connect them to potential co-founders, mentors and even investors. This theme also celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship education and the teaching of innovative skills. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we will highlight powerful voices and ambassadors that help young entrepreneurs thrive; events, activities and competitions targeted toward youth; and GEN’s partner organizations that are playing active roles in the space. Topics covered may include: Experiential education and other training programs Experiential education and programs to help young people learn about the entrepreneurial mindset Entrepreneurship education curriculum and efforts to improve teaching students in the classroom Millennials rising and how young entrepreneurs are changing the world Mentorship programs that connect older generations to millennial entrepreneurs   FEATURED EVENTS + INFORMATION On the Road Canada On The Road is a contest that showcases some of the rock star entrepreneurs and small businesses across Canada, as well as highlights some of the great events and initiatives that are happening during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.   DECA Idea Challenge The DECA idea challenge is an exciting, hands-on learning exercise that dares elementary through college students from around the world to exercise their creativity while getting a taste of the entrepreneurial thinking process through idea generation.    Virtual Enterprises International | DOWNLOAD: Partner Packet  VE International transforms students through authentic business experiences which prepare them for fulfilling, financially secure futures. VE asks the question, "What happens when we give students the chance to run a company?" The program is centered around providing students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with starting and running a company, interacting with thousands of other student-run companies around the world and connecting with entrepreneurs and industry professionals from the real world. Since GEW introduces entrepreneurship to young people around the world, VE has partnered with GEN to provide schools with inspiration and activities for fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Download the Partner Packet for more information.   Rocket Pitch Competition | Bermuda Economic Development Corporation Bermuda The Rocket Pitch Competition is designed to engage student entrepreneurs under the age of 18, where each presenter has five minutes and eight slides to tell a story of their business idea to a panel of judges and then respond to questions. The top two chosen students advance to the Rocket Pitch finals on November 15, during GEW, with the opportunity to win a cash prize and startup support services.   YES Forum | Decent Jobs for Youth Dakar, Senegal, November 13-14 The 2018 YES Forum in Dakar, Senegal aims to unleash the potential of youth to succeed in business. At the YES Forum, learn about youth entrepreneurship policies, improving access to finance for young entrepreneurs and facilitating access to markets. The two-day program will include plenary sessions, inspirational talks, a marketplace for key actors and a pitching competition for young entrepreneurs. The YES Forum organized by partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth.   EO 24/7 | Entrepreneurs' Organization A week-long virtual learning event, November 12-16 Looking for next-level learning from some of the world’s greatest business minds? Entrepreneurs’ Organization is proud to present EO 24/7, an exclusive annual virtual-learning event. Commemorating Global Entrepreneurship Week, EO 24/7 takes place from 12-16 November, with five full days of entrepreneurial content featuring talks and lessons-learned from world-class speakers and thought leaders. Attend, learn, and be inspired by leading entrepreneurs from across the globe as they share their expertise and wisdom on topics including: Day 1: Well-being Day 2: Skills Day 3: Legacy and Growth Day 4: Innovation Day 5: Family and Community Starting at 12:00 a.m. GMT on 12 November, and continuing every day throughout the five-day week, EO 24/7 will unlock unparalleled learning, providing participants with never before seen videos, podcasts and articles that focus on helping you with your entrepreneurial journey. Watch, learn and engage with leading entrepreneurs from the convenience of your computer screen beginning on 12 November. Unlock this learning experience for free —register today at Global Entrepreneurship Week: Financial Inclusion for Women & Youth in the MENA Region | The Annual Arab Banking Conference November 15 - 16, Beirut, Lebanon    FEATURED PARTNERS                                                                    AMBASSADORS Dr. Hashim Hussein, Head, United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain Read more from Dr. Hashim Hussein, a Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEWwomen and #GEWyouth Ambassador, in Financial Inclusion for Women and Youth in the Arab Region.    Caroline Jenner, CEO, JA Europe, and Asheesh Advani, President and CEO, JA Worldwide Read more from Ashessh Advani and Caroline Jenner, Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEWyouth Ambassadors, in Entrepreneurship's Triple Payoff: Job Creation, Work Skills and Social Impact.   SHARE Share the #GEW2018 #GEWyouth video on Twitter (@unleashingideas), Facebook and Instagram (@genhq) to show your support for the theme and this year's GEW celebration.