GEW 2018 Highlights Entrepreneurship as Solution to Croatian Smart City Challenges
12 Dec 2018

Croatia is working towards smarter cities, and it’s using entrepreneurship to get there. Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 in Croatia highlighted how ecosystem stakeholders are looking to entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions to challenges facing cities across Croatia.

For the third year in a row, GEW celebrations were hosted in Split, Croatia by the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator, the Faculty of Economics in Split, the Entrepreneurial Center Split and the Information Technology Developer Association. These organizations joined together in order to host a series of events that help young people understand smart city standards and look for smarty city solutions.

This year’s events included a 24-hour hackathon competition called Smart City Challenge. Following this year’s GEW theme, the hackathon included national and international experts in smarty city development. The hackathon challenged students to use an entrepreneurial mindset to find new solutions for Croatian cities.

Several experienced entrepreneurs also participated in GEW events in Split. These entrepreneurs included Dario Stipetić, Krešimir Jusup and Branimir Hebrang who presented on cloud solutions as the basis for digital transformation; Dino Pavlić of Typeqast who discussed digital transformation in the public sector; Duško Nasić from Statim d.o.o who covered solutions for smart cities; J Mira Krneta from HBOR who presented on the steps founders should take when taking out a business loan; and many more.

The goal of all these events is to encourage more young people in Croatia to become entrepreneurs or develop an entrepreneurial mindset. So far, these efforts appear to be working – as 2018 marked another year with increase participation rates.

It is important to emphasize that the program was developed in cooperation with the UIP-2017-05-07625 project: User-oriented (re)design process and modeling of information systems on the example of smart city services, funded by the Croatian Foundation for Science.

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