Osijek University Faculty of Economics Students Celebrate GEW for Eleventh Year in a Row

For the eleventh year in a row, students at Osijek University celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week. Hosted by students in the university’s Faculty of Economics, GEW 2018 focused on creative industries – including IT, architectures and design, and the music industry – and how to leverage passion into a successful career.

Since its first year, GEW at Osijek has been hosted by Entrepreneurs Without Board, or EWOB, which is the students association in the Faculty of Economics. For this year’s activities, participating students listened to presentations and lectures by entrepreneurs who turned their love for music, design, architecture and computer science into successful businesses.

Featured entrepreneurs included Ivan Jelušić, founder of ORQA and the first place winner of the Idea Knockout competition. Jelušić opened GEW 2018, speaking about his own experiences as an entrepreneur and about his startup, which developed first person glasses that will be featured later this year at CES in Las Vegas.

Other featured entrepreneurs included Lovro Nola, director of Game Development Academy Machina2, and Leo Tot, co-owner of Void Main Studio, who talked to students about news in the IT industry, especially in gaming. Entrepreneur Predrag Šuka spoke with students about the capitalization of creative visual elements, such as design, photography and 3D. Entrepreneurs Silvija Pranjić and Blanka Levačić talked about their own journey from university students to founders of a successful architecture firm. And Osijek architect Bruno Rechner talked to students about his own experiences as an entrepreneur. Rechner highlighted his company’s growth from a small architecture firm to a world-renown firm with projects that included the Osijek Bus Station and the City Market in Vukovar, Croatia.

Students also had the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship in the music industry. Speakers included Gordana Bosak, owner of the independent record label Agapa Music and the manager of singers Natali Dizdar and Saša Lozar; Domagoj Jukić, owner of the Concert agency from Osijek which organizes numerous music events and concerts; and Damir Bačić, singer Mija Dimšić’s manager.

While the topics and industries covered during GEW 2018 at Osijek University were very different, each speaker highlighted their love and passion for their work, the importance perseverance and not giving up, and a sense of pride and satisfaction in what they achieved.

Katarina Jagic

Co-founder & President | Croatian Small Business Union

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