GEW 2018: Global Updates from Eastern Europe
14 Nov 2018

In Eastern Europe, Global Entrepreneurship Week proves to be an excellent initiative to fuel corporate innovation and to put on activities, competitions and hackathons to help startups scale. Today’s GEW updates come from Hungary, MacedoniaUkraine, Belarus and Moldova.

According to Dr. Patrik Kovács from Young Entrepreneurs Associations Hungary (FIVOSZ), the official GEW host organization in Hungary, this year’s local GEW theme is family enterprises and generational change. 

"In Hungary, GEW is a huge event,” said Kovács. We are organizing activities in the capital city Budapest and in nine big cities. In Budapest, the first two days are full with presentations and roundtable discussions with inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs. On the last day, our gala takes place. This is the most important youth entrepreneurship event of the year, where the presidents and young entrepreneurs’ organizations meet every year. It is a great opportunity to connect with each other and for business development.”

Kovács believes GEW encourages young people to be their own bosses by being good entrepreneurs and leaders. 

“We try to do more and more every year to provide an impressive lineup for our entrepreneurs and younger generations. We want to mentor them and motivate them and show them inspiring examples. They are our future, and we have to fight for a greater future. Our goal as a team is to help them as much as we can, in every way we can.”

GEW Hungary’s cities include Budapest, BálnaGyöngyös, Miskolc, Szeged, Kecskemét, Győr, Nyíregyháza, Szombathely, Pécs and ZalaegerszegUniCredit Bank, SKODA, JEUNE, Food Universum, Budapest Stock Exchange and Iron Mountain are the main supporters of the week. For more information on GEW Hungary, visit this link. 

Simona Chaminska from Startup Macedonia, the official GEW host organization in Macedonia, is one of the new leaders behind GEW. Since April 2018, Startup Macedonia has been the organizer of the week in MacedoniaThe local theme this year is corporate Innovation and cooperation between startups, entrepreneurs and mature companies in IoT, Bigdata, AI, IT and Finance.  

According to Chaminska “This is the very first event connecting mature companies and startups to actually discuss corporate innovation and learn from the best experts. 

One of the highlights of the week is the presentation entitled “Introducing Corporate Innovation in Macedonia" which will take place on November 14 in Public Room Skopje. Speakers include Kei Schimada from IBM, Ferruh Gurtas from INTEL MENA Region, Jouko Ahvanenien CEO of GrowV and Tatjana Zabasu MD from SCV and others. To register:  

GEW Macedonia is supported by USAID, SwissEPand the Fund for Innovation and Development established by the Macedonian government.

GEW Ukraine is preparing for the second edition of the Get Business Festival, one of the largest entrepreneurship events in Ukraine. The festival enables participants to grow their business faster and more efficiently by connecting them to corporate business professionals. Last year over 2000 participants attended the event with 80 speakers on 8 stages. 

For more information: 

Another highlight of GEW Ukraine is under the #GEWwomen theme this yearThe “Women as Force for Positive Change conference is organized by Ukrainian NGO "League of Professional Women”. LPW aims to help women develop their entrepreneurial skills in economics, science, culture, civil society and education by uniting them for the common goal of expanding the economic opportunities for women in Ukraine.  This event will be held on Thursday, 15th November in Kiev and is open for registration of LPW members\advisers and guests. The event consists of three parts:

  • Female Vendors & Expert Pitching
  • Insiders’ Reports 
  • 2019 Opportunities  

For more information: 

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus this year will be highlighted by the BEL.BIZ Battle Startup Competition 2018, which took place at the BelExpo exhibition center on November 13.

According to Anastasia Khomenkova from the official GEW host organization in Belarus, “BEL.BIZ Battle provides an excellent opportunity to put forward ideas at a national level, draw new customers and get access to European business accelerators. We are interested in established startups. It will be an advantage if such startups have already raised investments,”  

The winning teams will go to London where they will meet international investors.  

Corporate ServicesInessa Poltoran, the Manager/Economic Diplomacy Officer at the British Embassy in Minsk, noted that the immersion into the startup-ecosystem of London is an adventure that promises a wealth of experience and many new contacts to all the participants.  

“We are glad to give Belarus' best startups all opportunities offered by today's business environment of Great Britain.”  

Partners of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus are the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Development Bank and the Economy Ministry of Belarus, the International Finance Corporation and the British Embassy in Belarus.  

The event will be supported by the Government of Belarus. The BelTA News Agency is an information partner. For more information:  

This year GEW Moldova will host a one-day celebratory event under the #GEWinclusion theme for those who are interested in developing their businesses in Moldova. 

The event’s program will include a panel on local, national and international policy hacking moderated by Rebecca Palmer from EntreLaunch Canada. The panel on inclusive entrepreneurship will feature Luis Salazar from Investa VP Peru and Julia Youngs from Creative Startups, USA. After the panels and speeches workshops on following topics will take place:

  • Globalizing creative entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Inclusive entrepreneurship: women, youth, seniors and special needs 
  • Creative innovation and sustainability 

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