Yemen Tunisia Celebrate GEW with Networking Workshops and Student-Focused Activities
Wray Bradner
8 Feb 2017


For the second year, Yemen celebrated entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit during Global Entrepreneurship Week this past November, supported by GEW host organization the Rowad Foundation.

One of the most popular events during GEW in Yemen was Talking Business, where entrepreneurs learned more about the business world and had the opportunity to network with other potential and experienced entrepreneurs. Talking Business was a very helpful program for Yemeni entrepreneurs. The event began with an interesting seating process – increasing each of his/her chances to network with someone new. The seating process was followed by a 15-minute roundtable session, a keynote speech and discussion, and ending with a question-and-answer session.

As part of their efforts and celebration of GEW, Tunisia’s GEW host organization, Institut Arabe des Chefs d’Enterprises, introduced new policy to ease the administrative process of creating businesses and supporting entrepreneurs during their early stages.

Their effort was supported by the Secretary of State for Entrepreneurship, who attended a conference during the week, where IACE presented the policy for all stakeholders in the Tunisian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The conference also provided an opportunity to present the global strategy of the Tunisian government to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Also during the week, the Minister for Higher Education participated in the celebrations, and stressed the importance of universities in spreading the entrepreneurial spirit within students. According to his announcement, a special focus on entrepreneurship among the universities all over the country will be given during 2017.

The IACE hosts reported that one of the most popular events in Tunisia, in terms of number of people attending, was the event organized by the Higher Institute of Business Studies (IHEC) The event attracted many students and youth from the campus where IHEC is located. There were also a number of quality speakers who contributed to the success of the event as they tackled the main concerns of people who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs and beginning their own ventures.

Another tailor-made event for Tunisia included the entrepreneurship tent organized by IACE. The organization gathered potential and interested entrepreneurs to meet the entrepreneurship ecosystem actors in the country as a way to network and pitch their ideas. 

Jessica Wray Bradner

Marketing Manager | Local Entrepreneur

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