GEW Statement of Support: Submitted by Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho) U.S. Senate Small Business Committee
Why Global Entrepreneurship Week is such an important effort for entrepreneurs in America, and the world over.
Sen. Jim
16 Nov 2017

Entrepreneurs across the United States play a vital role in our economy, as they are truly the engine that spurs our economic growth. It is so important that legislators like myself do all that we can to help entrepreneurs start, nurture, and scale their enterprises. There has been a steady and well-documented decline in startups over the past decade, and it is no secret that being an entrepreneur is hard work with no guarantees of success. Despite this, entrepreneurs’ optimism has hit record high levels in the past year, and the vast majority continue to set out each day to pursue their dreams despite the many challenges that exist.

I held a committee hearing earlier this year to examine the unique challenges faced by rural entrepreneurs and heard from innovators without a traditional storefront who simply could not operate without broadband internet. These rural entrepreneurs feel a number of traditional challenges amplified when compared to entrepreneurs in urban areas. We must find ways to empower entrepreneurs in the many rural parts of America and make it easier for them to innovate from right where they are. 

This is why Global Entrepreneurship Week is such an important effort for entrepreneurs in America, and the world over. This commendable initiative works to connect people from all backgrounds and all locations and support them as they start and scale a new business. During this week nearly 10 million participants will contribute and take part in this effort made up of more than 35,000 events in over 165 countries. I know an important topic of discussion throughout this event is the reality that many entrepreneurs are concentrated in clusters around major cities; I believe events like this can shine a light on this and help to develop solutions to bring better access and networks to entrepreneurs far outside of these few clusters.

- Chairman James Risch, U.S. Senate Small Business Committee

American entrepreneurship is something that makes our country unique because of its roots in “The American Dream”. For the past 241 years, millions of our citizens have pursued their own enterprises in order to follow their own dreams and support themselves, their families, and the livelihoods and families of their employees, many of them leaving behind lasting legacies. 

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, I work every day in the Senate to ensure that we can foster an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive in America and across the globe. I am extremely confident in America’s entrepreneurs, who are innovative and tenacious, and truly the driving force of our economy. Their seemingly endless innovation continues to drive our nation and its economy forward, and I will continue to do all that I can to help to further empower and support America’s entrepreneurs. 

Sen. Jim Risch

U.S. Senator, R-Idaho, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Small Business Committee |

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