CELEBRATE | November 16, 2017

Tulsa Oklahoma Holds Their Largest GEW Yet with 16 Events

Photo Credit: Twitter | @gtbynum

In Tulsa, GEW provides an opportunity for current and aspiring entrepreneurs alike to explore opportunities in entrepreneurial ecosystems on both a local and global level. It also provides these participants with valuable resources, programs, and access to networks that can help take their ventures to the next level.

Tulsa was named the number one city for young entrepreneurs by Forbes this year, meaning this year the city is doing all it can to nurture its successful startup community. The city’s theme for GEW 2017 is, accordingly, “Build it Here”. Throughout the week, all 16 events aim to bring investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and researchers together to support and grow together.

Highlights from the past day’s events include the grand opening of “36 Degrees North II”, the second local of the entrepreneurial coworking space in the Tulsa Area on November 13, and the “I Built it Here” Panel discussion on November 14, where some of Tulsa’s leading entrepreneurs shared their lessons learned on the road to success.

Make sure to check out more information on the remaining panel discussions, workshops, and open houses to be held during GEW Tulsa here: http://bit.ly/2hw8TAy Hear from Dustin Curzon, Executive Director of 36 degrees North, here: http://bit.ly/2AGhMjp

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