Broadening the Recognition of Core Values in the UK Organic Beauty Sector
16 Nov 2016

Jade Ollivierre, founder of Native Unearthed, believes that core values need to be at the forefront of every business and regards them as an asset. When Virgin Unite invited her to take part in the launch of the Action Network, she seized the opportunity. She explains how the project helped shape her core values and bed them deeper into her business.

Native Unearthed is an award-winning, natural deodorant brand, whose prime mission is to create high performance deodorants, made from simple, organic and skin friendly, kitchen based ingredients.

Beyond the brand, we believe that you need to ‘do well to do good’ and that’s why we donate a percentage of all our profits to meaningful projects, in third world countries, to improve the livelihood of women. We recently donated 3,000 deodorants to hard-hit female refugees on the Syrian front, to help maintain basic standards of hygiene and help preserve their dignity and wellbeing.

We love the energy, passion and stamina of the ‘Virgin crew’ and we are thrilled to be part of the Action Network. If there is one thing we have learnt, it’s that forging links with other entrepreneurs is key to the growth of a brand and Virgin Unite provides the opportunity to entrepreneurs in a friendly, engaging and positive way.

At Native Unearthed, we live and breathe our core values and with recyclable packaging, a wind powered website, no printing policies and our ‘waste less week’ project, held once a month, we are well on our way to achieving our ‘green team’ aims and objectives.

The Action Network’s ‘People Challenge’ has broadened our recognition of how important values are to a brand, both from a marketing and operational perspective. We have learnt that in order to run a successful business, you need to have good staff retention. Staff loyalty needs to be recognised and rewarded in order to keep them motivated and interested. You need to offer encouragement and invest in training to help them be the best they want to be.

For more on Virgin Unite’s Action Network, visit here.

Jade Ollivierre

| Native Unearthed

Virgin Unite set up the ‘People Challenge’ task with the intention of making micro businesses more aware of the value of truly investing in their… More