CELEBRATE | October 1, 2020

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Prepares for GEW with Global Competition

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GEW USA national partner, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), is heading into Global Entrepreneurship Week with their Global Conference and Pitch Competition themed "Innovate Forward into the Unknown," November 6-7. Thousands of collegiate entrepreneurs from across the globe will convene virtually at the event featuring keynote presentations from the founders of GrubHub and Starbucks, among others, interactive bootcamps, an entrepreneurship simulation, mentorship opportunities, a $15,000 pitch competition and more. 

CEO supports more than 16,500 emerging collegiate entrepreneurs annually. They believe that any student, regardless of academic discipline can launch a business. Through their global network of more than 250 college and university chapters, they support and inspire the growth and development of any student that seeks to be entrepreneurial. 

CEO is providing the following activities to engage student entrepreneurs during GEW:

  • Field Trip
    The idea of this field trip is to open the doors to opportunities for your fellow students. Maybe you want to see a company’s culture in action. Perhaps you want to highlight what the realities of working in an incubator co-working space are. Maybe, with input from your fellow students, you want to explore a particular industry.
  • New Venture Expo
    The goal of this event is to expand the networks of your student entrepreneurs within their immediate ecosystem. Opportunities for partnership, funding, mentorship and more are made possible by hosting a forum for student businesses to be on display for those interested in similar industries. 

  • Idea Mentoring Sessions
    This pitch competition is unconventional compared to what you most likely have in mind. The “competition” is really no competition at all. Instead, students with either a business idea or an actual venture will be encouraged to participate in a pitch workshop.
  • Venture Valley Game Competition + Mixer
    The Venture Valley Game Competition can provide an opportunity for CEO members to organize a student activity that involves playing - or watching others play – an early, pre-launch version of an upcoming mobile and PC game at a social gathering. Everyone can gain entrepreneurial and business skills by simply playing or watching the game.
  • Group Masterminds + Mixers
    The objective for hosting a “Mixer” or a “Mastermind” event is to provide a platform for open communication amongst student entrepreneurs across your campus. It provides an opportunity to use entertaining videos to help you attract a wide variety of students to the event and serve as “ice-breakers” and “thought starters” to begin the sessions. Entrepreneurship can feel lonely, but through these group events, you can get everyone talking and sharing and who better to receive advice about being a student entrepreneur from, than other student entrepreneurs. 

  • Women in Business Speaker Session
    Speaker sessions offer opportunities for students interested in entrepreneurship to learn key lessons directly from accomplished entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs and more. Entrepreneurs sharing their “face-plant” stories not only provide key lessons in what not to do when starting a business but humanize the accomplished speaker and show the audience that anyone is capable of being an entrepreneur.

CEO has created these activities to inspire the entrepreneurial mindset of students for Collegiate BizLaunch Week in Spring 2021 and has made them available to all colleges and universities for use during Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

To use these activities, download the guides from the GEW Ideas Bankand make sure to share them with our global network on social media using the hashtags #GEW2020 and #education. 

Continue the entrepreneurial momentum you have in your on-campus community post-GEW and pledge to join hundreds of colleges and universities around the world participate in Collegiate BizLaunch Week 2021.

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