GEW Cities

GEW Cities: Strengthening Entrepreneurial Ecosystems As city officials around the world continue to expand their understanding of the economic importance of new and young firms, more and more are moving away from traditional economic development efforts and embracing their local startup communities. While research is still relatively scarce, approaches have begun to mature past becoming the “next Silicon Valley” as many explore unique policies and programs – seeking to organically grow entrepreneurial ecosystems with local flavor. GEW Cities explores widespread efforts by policymakers and startup communities alike to support the development of local entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the connection and resources necessary to help them launch new startups that provide jobs, generate wealth and disrupt local industries. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we will highlight powerful voices and ambassadors that are shaping startup cities around the world; events, activities and competitions that increase collaboration among cities; and GEN’s partner organizations that are playing active roles in the space. Topics covered may include: Mapping and measuring startup ecosystems at the city level Public policies and programs to developing a startup city Startup community programs and approaches to expanding local ecosystems Growing realization that cities are unique and should not aim to become “the next Silicon Valley”   FEATURED EVENTS Global Startup Weekend  Experience the highs, lows, fun and pressure that make up life at a startup in a 54-hour time period. As you learn how to create a real company, you'll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors who are ready to help you get started.    FEATURED PARTNERS