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  Early-stage investors play an important role in helping entrepreneurs unleash their ideas and reach their full potential. A timely infusion of capital can be the difference between failure and success—helping young companies start and scale while driving innovation and economic growth. GEW Investors provides an opportunity for early stage investors to build and strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems—helping to enhance connections with startup communities and policymakers alike.     Topics covered include: Trends in angel investing The explosion of accelerators and incubators in the entrepreneurial ecosystem The future of crowdfunding Cross border investing and impact investing in developing nations The evolution of venture capital Policies to promote early stage investment    Are you an investor? Here's how to participate: Write or co-author blog posts and other media for GBAN and GEN to share during GEW Connect with GEW hosts in more than 160 countries to participate in GEW activities Get involved in a global competition by becoming a judge, mentoring winners or contributing to prize winnings Share stories of successful cross-border investments & investors in emerging economies Host a Q&A with angel investors in your country to discuss best practices and collaboration tactics for foreign investors Contribute to our calendar of angel events taking place around the world during GEW Join the Global Business Angels Network Email for support for GEW Investors          Featured Projects from GEW 2015 Learn more about how the Global Business Angels Network and other partner organizations celebrated INVESTORS during the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Week.   Book Release, Beijing, China: Angels Without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide  "Angel investors" provide small amounts of capital ($100k–$3m) to early stage, high-risk ventures. In recent years, they have not only grown in numbers and sophistication, they have garnered the attention of larger investors and governments throughout the world who are interested in the phenomenal power of startups to bring innovative products to consumers, create jobs and economic value, and sustain macroeconomic growth. This comes as no surprise. Some of the world's most valuable and influential companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Uber were able to survive and thrive in their make-or-break early years only through the backing of angels. Angels Without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide, drawing on chapter contributors from more than two dozen nations, will be the only book on the market to examine this trend from a global perspective. It is a very useful reference for anyone who is interested in learning about the angel investment movement.   GBAN seeks new angel groups and associations for membership. The Global Business Angels Network launched in March 2015 at the GEC Milan. Currently, GBAN is working together to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among groups around the world. GBAN's first project is identifying and collaborating on key areas for cross border investments by creating country investing "toolkits." To learn more go to and join us at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellín.       Astia is a curated, highly-engaged, global community of experts – men and women – committed to the success of world-class women-led, high-growth ventures. Astia is not a women’s network. For 15+ years, 5,000+ community providing select, high-growth companies with access to capital, expertise, and executive leadership development. In 2013, Astia launched Astia Angels in the Bay area, an angel network of male and female accredited investors investing in companies in the Astia pipeline. Each investor makes their own individual investment decisions. Astia Angels launched membership in New York City in 2014 and in London in 2015. Currently, Astia Angels has 50 members around the globe. Astia Angels has made investments into 29 companies (and counting!), investing over $7.4M, with more than $42M in syndication.  On November 18, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Astia Angels hosts its last member meeting of the year in San Francisco. At the meeting, three companies with inclusive management teams will present to the Astia Angels members.  For further information about Astia or, as an accredited investor, Astia Angels, please contact evie[@]    AlliedCrowds Special Report Outlines Evolving Landsacape of Crowdfunding for 2015 AlliedCrowds today released a special report on crowdfunding in partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week. The report outlines the meteoric rise of crowdfunding in the aftermath of the 2008 recession when venture capital and other forms of funding plummeted. “Working together and enabling cross fertilization of ideas and resources, the finance industry can evolve to serve the changing needs of entrepreneurs, and spur a new leap in global economic prosperity,” said Shareq Husain, head of strategy and innovation at AlliedCrowds.     USAID Blog Series. Today USAID is sharing resources on a systems-change approach to funding entrepreneurship to help allieviate poverty in developing nations.  Is the Pioneer Gap an Impassable Gulch? by Cheryl Dorsey, President, Echoing Green   Unlocking Capital for Entrepreneurs by Andreas Zeller, Managing Partner, Open Capital Advisors     GBAN member Eurpean Business Angels Network will be hosting two events this week. The EBAN Winter University with Creative Business Cup and a cross-border angel investment campaign featuring business angels and entrepreneurs in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.         The Startup Africa Research team invites you to participate in their annual benchmark study on African venture performance. Reliable data on performance of early-stage, high growth ventures in Africa is very scarce. The team's ambition is to change the world's perception of doing business in Africa by unlocking the quality of information to the market. The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete and all data will remain anonymous. A final copy of the report will be shared with all participants. Take the survey. Help spread the word on Twitter! Join the largest research on the performance of startups in Africa to date! #Africa #startup #research Change the world’s perception of business and innovation in #Africa: Join VC4Africa's #research on #startups! Reliable data on #African #startup performance is scarce! Entrepreneurs, join the #research to help address this gap   Featured Global Events DEC North Texas Business Pitch Competition Kenya Accelerator Bootcamp 2015 (GEN Kenya) EBAN Winter University + Creative Business Cup Athens Startup Safary (GEW Greece) Conquito Ecuador Malaysia ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit