Startup Huddle Douala


"Startups" can be considered as real launching pads for the African Economy in terms of boosting youth potential, in Africa and around the world.

Each month Startup Huddle Douala gives the floor to an entrepreneur.

Its goal is to create a community around young Start'Ups; whose promoters or volunteer founders, come at each event, to confront the nature of their offers, the quality of their products, their vision and the difficulties related to the life of each of those companies, in their respective environments.

An opportunity for us, Jokkolabs Douala & 2F Consulting, to recall that the development, innovation, and creativity of the Cameroonian entrepreneurial fabric depend on the emulation maintained within it.

The entrepreneurial vision put into perspective with the realities on the ground is the purpose of Startup Huddle Douala.

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30 Jul 2021 / 4:30
The Startup Huddle Launch by Startup Huddle Douala will take place on July 30, 2021 from 4.30 p.m. at the Jokkolas Douala office.
4 Sep 2021 / 3:00
Startup Huddle Douala also gives voice to the leaders of tomorrow!

Nfebe Bless Shu is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, individual, who grew up in a subsistence agrarian family and studied to become an IT Engineer.

His determination to enhance the livelihood of subsistence agrarian families like his, prompted him to apply his IT skills in the agricultural sector as an entrepreneur through his startup which operates both an E-platform and physical platform.

Featured among the Top 10 startups for the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021 Cameroon, to assist struggling local cassava farmer who constitute 45% of the people in my community become more productive in their quest of ensuring the welfare of their households, K1,2 LTD has as vision to ensure zero hunger and eradicate poverty for all.
8 Nov 2021 / 10:00
4 entrepreneurs will present their backgrounds and each of them will ask a question to the Minister of SMEs