Startup Huddle Manama


Startup Huddle is a supportive and safe space, that gives local startups the opportunity to present their businesses to a room of seasoned entrepreneurs, mentors, and members of the startup ecosystem. The intimate event setting allows the presenters to learn from experts offering guidance, deep insight, and honest feedback based on previous experiences and to find ways to support one another as a community.

On the third Wednesday of each month, Startup Huddle Bahrain offers one or two local entrepreneurs, who are in the early stages of their businesses, the chance to present business challenges, strategies, and achievements to an expert panel who can contribute in soliciting input for potential solutions allowing further business growth. 

By organizing such events in the Kingdom, GEN Bahrain aims to support new startups entering into the startup ecosystem, introducing them to a vast network both locally and globally, connecting them with experienced mentors, and exposing them to a wider network of support platforms in the future.