Startup Huddle Oldham


Startup Huddle helps one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs present real-time challenges facing their startup and solicit input on potential solutions from other entrepreneurs, mentors, ecosystem builders and others in the local community. Each Startup Huddle chapter focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing connection to a global network.

Oldham is particularly excited and proud to be part of the Northern Roots project.

Northern Roots is a pioneering project which will create the UK’s largest urban farm and eco-park on 160 acres of stunning green space in the heart of Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Through its award-winning parks and Growing Hubs, Oldham Community Power  and projects like Get Oldham Growing  Oldham has become a beacon for community growing, local food production, horticulture training, renewable energy, and urban biodiversity. With initial support from Oldham Council, Northern Roots is a unique opportunity to build on this expertise at an unprecedented scale.

Oldham is working to support Northern Roots in a way that creates jobs, skills and business opportunities for local people, while preserving and enhancing the biodiversity and environmental value of the site.  Northern Roots will be developed for and with local communities, creating a wide range of activities and businesses on the site and for the wider community. This could include growing edible crops at scale, animal husbandry and bee-keeping, forestry, mountain biking, outdoor events and performances, amongst other opportunities, through a blend of social investment, enterprise, tourism, licensing and commissioning.


29 Sep 2021 / 4:15
United Kingdom
Come join us for our first Startup Huddle Oldham gathering.
We have two inspiring entrepreneurs who will be delivering a six-minute presentation about their organisations and projects.
We invite you to come participate and use your professional expertise in your industry to encourage, support and advice them.
The best part: We can all work together to shape the future of Oldham's businesses and charities.
It's Free and open to everyone!