Startup Huddle Paramaribo


On September 16, the first edition of Startup Huddle Paramaribo was hosted and brought together local founders, innovators and business leaders to virtually help two entrepreneurs work through their challenges and crowdsource solutions.

Moreno Jackson, Program Manager of Startup Huddle Paramaribo, states that he believes that Startup Huddle Paramaribo will be of immense value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Suriname, because it is a very easy-to-implement concept with an effective output.

Priscilla Abhilakh Missier, host of Startup Huddle Paramaribo, says that she's very much excited to contribute to Startup Huddle in her city, because this platform is really necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups especially during these challenging times where we are forced to rethink our business concepts.

The culture surrounding Startup Huddle is that of a supportive, neutral space, welcoming entrepreneurs to be open and honest about their businesses and the challenges they face. Each event is organized by local entrepreneurs and community builders who volunteer their time to secure a venue, vet and select presenters and publicize the event.

Arsenio Moidin, coach within the organizing team, hopes to be able to inspire other young leaders in Suriname and the region to lead different initiatives that tackle daily challenges that our respective communities deal with. In his opinion startups need to receive all the feedback they can get from as many persons as possible. In this way they can make sure to take different aspects into account when starting or growing their business.

Startup Huddle Paramaribo really takes the time to prepre entrepreneurs for their pitch in order for them to give an outstanding presentation. They've also developed a mentoring and monitoring aspect to the program, where they work together with alumni entrepreneurs to keep them involved and share up to date resources with them. 

Having a strong online presence, is essential to recruit new startups to pitch their business at Startup Huddle. Zamani Mack, ensures that all social media channels are frequently updated. She is a very skilled writer and engages with entrepreneurs from the moment they enter our data base after expressing their interest. 

The team has built a strongly committed base interactive audience that attends each huddle because they are able to share their advice but also to learn from other entrepreneurs. Based on the success stories of the entrepeneurs that have pitched at Startup Huddle as well as the feedback from the audience, the team plans to expand to at least one disctrict early 2022. Winston Adaba, is the team member that is preparing this expansion in a most effective and sustainable manner. 

We believe in building a firm nation, one entrepreneur at a time




15 Jul 2021 / 8:00
We are honored to present you with a fresh edition of our huddles, where two driven and proud entrepreneurs will be pitching their startup business: