Young Entrepreneurs Week Carrier & Business Show

The Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary is organizing the 12th edition of Young Entrepreneurs’ Week this year, which is a key event of the Hungarian economic youth education, taking place between 18-24 November 2019. It is organized within the frames of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world's largest entrepreneurial network, organized in 170 countries worldwide. Its aim is to build a bridge between entrepreneurs and young people interested in entrepreneurship, in order to ensure Hungary's economic supply.

The Young Entrepreneurs' Week - Career & Business Show is a key event in Hungary, as it encourages a wide range of young people to start their own company and career - and thus its socio-economic awareness-raising power is of great importance. Last year, more than 10,000 individuals registered for the 78 events in Budapest Bálna and 9 other cities. In recent years, our event has featured speakers such as Sándor Demján, József Palásti, Andy Vajna, György Klapka, Erika Kósa, Levente Balogh and companies representing 26.7% of the country's GDP as speakers or supporters of this important event. Our aim is to create an entrepreneurial culture with a new approach in Hungary, and to create opportunities for those interested to learn from successful entrepreneurs at our events.