Women's Economic Development Center


The Women's Economic Development Center aims to develop a research field oriented to foster women´s inclusion and participation on the programs, tools and others services offered by the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs and other public and private institutions. The center is the first Governmental Organization which works directly on the women's economic self-sufficiency.

Mr. Mariano Mayer, National Secretary for Entrepreneurs & SMEs, was the creator and promoter of this area, following the international criteria on the high impact the women activities has on the development and growth of national economies.

The center has an Advisory Board lead by Mr. Mayer and other local and international experts. Its objective is to support the center via  medium- and long-term vision concerning gender equity and women empowerment.

The Center focuses on 3 main issues:

  • Awareness: Promotes women's economic empowerment by elevating them as change agents, focusing on their impact on the national economy.
  • Networking: This item promotes actions to connect women with providers, investors, incubators, accelerators, trainers and every agent which would help in their projects growth. The Center has created a newsletter targeted to people interested in this subject.
  • Financial assistance: Fosters the Secretariat and Ministry´s existing credit lines to favor and support women-led projects.

Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs, Ministry of Production.


Startup: a newly emerged entrepreneurial and productive venture which challenge is to search for a respectable and scalable business model.
Scaleup: development-stage business that is looking to grow in terms of market access, revenues, and number of employees, adding value by identifying and realizing win-win opportunities for collaboration with established companies. As with any capital-intensive company, the financing goal for a scaleup is to reward its investors, either by being acquired via an M&A or via an IPO.


Shortly after its launch, the Center became a national model related to Women Economic Empowerment spreading the subject, participating in public events and supporting companies interested in developing the matter inside them.

As of August 2017:

15565 Women/people assisted

13600 Women assisted in collaboration with the “Program 111,000”. Percentage  of women participation raised up to 34% due to a campaign specifically designed for them.

228 women trained (Women who inspire, Challenges of today women)

500 Women participated of the Market Bell Ceremony at the Buenos Aires Stock Market.

354 people receive CEDEM Newsletter

The center has participated in national and international summits such as: UN Women, Inter American Development Bank, World Economic Forum, G20, ITC, among others.


Mariano Mayer, Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs, Ministry of Production.