“Human Intelligence 2.0 – A Collective Future? How will we manage the transition?”

Activity Description

GEN Australia Acting Managing Director, Al Connolly is proud to announce we are a Partner for Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific, the leading and award-winning innovation summit. This event takes place in Melbourne from 1-3 April 2019 at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and the theme being explored is “Human Intelligence 2.0 – A Collective Future? How will we manage the transition?”.

Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific is the place to imagine the future, inspire your leadership and achieve business success. Creative Innovation Global is the premiere conference for anyone who cares about creativity, innovation, leadership, change, transformation and the future.

We face a host of wicked problems, risks and systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and traditional authority structures. Problems like climate change, increasing mental and chronic illness, scarcity of resources, automation of jobs and Artificial Intelligence, unethical governance and growing inequality require unprecedented collaboration among different organisations, sectors, communities and nations. More than ever before, we need to foster collective leadership, lateral thinking and inspiring initiatives to manage the massive transition ahead.

Furthermore, leaders need to be deeply aware — right now, not down the line — of the transition taking place. And they need to have clarity about the roles they can play in dynamically steering their organisations and preparing their employees and contractors for the future of work.

Bringing together 700 leaders from business, government, academia, community, not-for-profits, media and the arts, Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific promises to explain the drivers of the changes taking place, the implications for the future and the strategies and thinking that governments, businesses, NFPs and individuals will need to adopt to be successful. The future is exciting, challenging or terrifying! It just depends on your perspective and your capacity to embrace change.

Ci2019 offers an outstanding opportunity to educate, challenge and engage leaders and emerging talent on this transition.

Ci2019 key themes will include:

* Leadership, Ethics and Governance

* Automation, AI, Robotics and the Future of Work

* Education and Entrepreneurship

* Science, Technology and the Pace of Change

* Wicked Problems that require Collective Systemic Solutions

This award-winning event will help you upgrade yourself and your organisation to Intelligence 2.0. It will give you the insights, knowledge and tools to develop the agility and leadership mindset you need to transform your organisation and inspire yourself and your team to build a collective future for humanity.

Don’t miss the world class line-up of visionary innovators, futurists and leaders that are gathering at Ci2019 to help us better understand, collaborate and prepare for our rapidly changing world. We need to find innovative solutions to the great problems of today to make them the opportunities of the future.

Delegates will learn, debate and think with: renowned Futurist and Chief Technology Officer of Google Ray Kurzweil (USA), CEO of NESTA Geoff Mulgan (UK), Chief Data and Transformation Officer at DBS Bank Paul Cobban (Singapore), A.I. Experts Liesl Yearsley (USA) and Toby Walsh, Ethics leader Simon Longstaff, Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK), brain performance neuroscientist Etienne Van Der Walt (South Africa). Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, Deakin University Vice Chancellor Jane Den Hollander and many more to be announced.

40+ global speakers, conference, master classes, deep conversation, hot spots, gala dinner and grand debate...not to be missed!

As a Partner for this event, we are proud to offer our networks access to an exclusive discount of 10% off Platinum, Gold and Silver conference packages. To activate your discount, enter the password ‘collective’ when purchasing tickets on the website.

Hope to see you there!


Entrepreneurially yours

Al Connolly
Acting Managing Director
GEN Australia

Director of Entrepreneurship