Entrepreneurship World Cup- 2021, Bangladesh | National Final

Activity Description

The Entrepreneurship World Cup started out as an idea, much like your business, that two teams deeply believed in and scaled it out to what you see now, 200 countries and more than 100,000+ entrepreneurs! As part of the EWC-Global, Bangladesh is going to host Entrepreneurship World Cup for the 3rd time in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh National Final of Entrepreneurship World Cup will be held on Spetember 17th, 2021.

This year, top ten national finalists will picth in front of the judges. They are:

  1. Probashi Sheba Ltd.
  2. Apon Wellbeing Ltd
  3. Best Aid Bangladesh
  4. DealOnTrip
  5. Interactive Cares
  6. Shopkpr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  7. ANTT Robotics Ltd.
  8. Onethread
  9. Krishian Ltd.
  10. Khelbei Bangladesh 

Know More: https://ewcbd2021.impactorsconnect.xyz