Masterclass on From Idea to Product-Market Fit

Activity Description

Impactors Connect is going to host a Webinar on "From Idea to Product-Market Fit" jointly with the Startup Huddle Dhaka, Female Innovators Hub, and Dept. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, DIU on 30 July 2021.

LEO BENKEL who is the Founder & CEO, PURE LAMBDA will be there as the guest speaker. All entrepreneurs strive to make their dream companies come true, but they face numerous challenges. The technological landscape is changing rapidly and translating their vision into tasks for their makers’ team can be tough. With PURE LAMBDA, Leo leverages his 10 years of experience in Silicon Valley to advise entrepreneurs regarding technology and modern management practices. Entrepreneurs can feel reassured as they are being guided through the product development's processes.

Ms. Beauty Akter who is the Founder and Executive Director of Female Innovators Hub will be there as the moderator of the session. She is working closely in women empowerment in Bangladesh. So far, she has organized many programs and events on women's entrepreneurship. Mostly, she is working with young girls who are aspiring entrepreneurs. She is also a Faculty member and Teachpreneur at the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.

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