A Promising Future for Brazil
6 Oct 2010

The following guest post gives an insight in to a maturing policy environment in Brazil, even as campaign season gets underway.

by Ludmilla Figueiredo, Endeavor Brasil

This year GEW in Brazil falls on an election year. As in many nations, the campaign season provides an opportunity for candidates and parties to outline and debate policy; to make fresh promises. Unfortunately, these promises sometimes go unfulfilled.

Earlier this summer, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva proposed the creation of a Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprise whose goal would be to give all the support necessary for the full development of new and small businesses. However, Lula was not resolute with these plans, adding that the creation of the Ministry may have to wait until the new term got underway as the election was so close. In other words, he left the ball in the air.

As might be expected, the responsibility for the project automatically passed to the pre-presidential candidate of the PT, Dilma Roussef. Roussef, candidate of the Workers Party, announced that, if elected, will create a Ministry of Entrepreneurship and everything suggests that the initiative has the potential to become one of the flagships of the election campaign, whose goal is "to spread micro and small enterprises in Brazil, encourage entrepreneurship and provide support for lines of credit and special tax."

Dilma’s announcement is symbolic in that it recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship for economic development. Above all, it reinforces the need for special attention and structure in the field of enterprise greatly increases the chances of success. Hopefully, this won’t be empty rhetoric.

Entrepreneurship is steadily working its way up the national agenda. Recently a collaborative public forum was implemented in Brazil for citizens to voice opinion on a range of topics. The 10 most frequently asked questions are to be answered nationally. To keep the subject live, Endeavor Brazil has published 8 different videos with questions related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.


In the last two years, the Governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, participated in person of the opening the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Camaçari - industrial city of the state. Bahia is the sixth state with the highest GDP in Brazil.

All these efforts are moving the country forward, either by having a new generation of politicians who see the issue as a pillar of development for Brazil, or through bottom-up activity from the world of entrepreneurship. 

The future is promising.