Global Update: Countdown to GEW
10 Nov 2013

In a little more than one week, Global Entrepreneurship Week will connect six continents and more than 130 countries. Millions of participants plan to explore their entrepreneurial potential all across the globe.

Below are some GEW highlights from around the world.

GEW Canada is launching “Hello My Name Is” campaign designed to showcase Canadian entrepreneurs and share their stories. Through participation in online Meetups, Canadians can meet entrepreneurs, hear their stories and join the discussion. Canadian entrepreneurs will also get a chance to represent Canada at the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Moscow, Russia.  

GEW Kazakhstan is supported by the government of Kazakhstan this year. Some of the featured events of GEW Kazakhstan include GEW Forum (Organized by Club of Young Entrepreneurs Forum), Investor Day with a sum 100,000 Tenge on the table and 5 Startup Weekends in 5 cities.

GEW Hungary is organizing 50 events in 11 cities for Global Entrepreneurship Week. 500 people are expected to attend GEW events every day of the week. The highlights of the week are the 5th GEW Gala, International Day and WEF Regional Meeting. Additionally, Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of Hungary is introducing a startup program for Europe during GEW enabling 1000 young entrepreneurs to receive funding each year.

GEW Philippines kick-off event for GEW 2013 was a conference on celebrating failures: Failing Forward. Almost 500 participants attended this event. During the week GEW Philippines is targeting to hit 100 activities this year, reaching 25,000 participants in the 7100 islands of Philippines.