Routouang Mohamed
Ndonga Christian
28 Dec 2018

The activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Chad, 2018 edition, were officially launched by the Minister of State, Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Kalzeubé Pahimi Deubet, representing the head of the State. It was in the afternoon of November 12 at the palace of January 15 in N'Djamena.

Under the theme "Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation", this 2nd edition in Chad and 11th worldwide for the Global Entrepreneurship Week (SME) mobilized more than a thousand young people to participate to the opening ceremony. According to the chairman of the organizing committee, Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian, beyond being a national event, this week has a global reach. "It is conceived, directed and organized by young enthusiasts of the hatching and the development of the Chadian entrepreneurial ecosystem".

TheGEW is an excellent forum for meetings, exchanges and networking that will facilitate a rich and useful connection between project leaders, local and foreign entrepreneurs, managers, investors, policy makers and so on. This is to reflect on the strategies and facilitate a sustainable socio-economic transformation in order to strengthen the business climate in Chad.

For UNFPA's representative in Chad, Dr. Edwige Adekambi Domingo, entrepreneurship is positioning itself as a solution to the challenge of unemployment and increasing the contribution of the enormous potential of the number of young people to the creation of wealth and the increase in the gross domestic product. In this context, "Chad will accelerate reforms aimed at improving the business climate, access to land and other resources, technical and vocational training, increasing research funding and bridging the digital divide. Adds Dr. Edwige Adekambi Domingo.


For the first official of UNFPA in Chad, official partner of the event, it is also important among other things to: promote the development of an ecosystem conducive to the emergence of startups; integrate entrepreneurship learning at all levels of the education system.

The speech of the Minister of Mines, Industrial Development, Trade and Private Sector Promotion came to support that of the Coordinator on the role that youth must play in its destiny while urging the latter to migrate to entrepreneurship and private sector as a boon of self-development and accomplishment in the face of a major turning point in the Chadian civil service.

In his words of circumstance, the Minister of State, Minister Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Pahimi Kalzeube Deubet, reiterates the government's unwavering support to support activities of this kind and invites young people to turn to the private sector , synonymous with development. "Entrepreneurship for sustainable socio-economic transformation is a profound slogan, bringing hope to all agents and economic actors. Any project promoter and anyone with a spirit of initiative must take ownership of it, "advises the representative of the Head of State.