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235 Solutions Challenge #COVID19

235 Solution Challenge, an innovative approach to fight against COVID-19
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As part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and post-crisis management, Tchad Talents, Global Entrepreneurship Network Chad and RJDLT launch the "235 CHALLENGE SOLUTIONS". This is an online project competition, in the form of a hackathon, focused on innovative projects that can address the health crisis and post-crisis.

Sectors concerned :

  • Health and the fight against covid19 : remote care, production of medical equipment (breathing apparatus, gloves, masks...)
  • Digital education: teaching at a distance, studying and learning at a distance ;
  • Renewable energy: containment measures in some countries are making us think about producing clean energy, consuming energy responsibly;
  • Agritech / agri-food innovation: proposing new techniques in agricultural production and processing;
  • Water: to produce a technique to purify water and make it accessible to all;
  • Employment: working at a distance, digitizing processes ;
  • Eco-responsibility: organizing short and local circuits, food autonomy, responsible production process . . ;
  • Media and communication: raise awareness, inform, fight against fakes news and encourage fact-checking;
  • E-commerce: digitize your physical commerce, sell at a distance, improve delivery processes.

Target audience:

  1. To be the bearer of viable and innovative solutions, at a lower cost and responding to the consequences of the health crisis;
  2. To be a carrier of an existing solution for Chad, and potentially duplicateable internationally.


  • To promote innovation in the chosen sectors in order to better support the management of the crisis;
  • To offer economic development opportunities for start-ups;
  • To revolutionize the approach to healthy living and healthy eating;
  • Create a national community of experts, inventors and innovators to address the crisis.

Conditions for participation :

  • Must be over 18 and of Chadian nationality;
  • The project must be in the identified areas;
  • The project must be innovative and have strong potential;
  • The project must respond to problems related to the health crisis and/or post-crisis;
  • The project must have an impact and generate employment;
  • The project must be achievable in a maximum of Chadian regions. 

To Apply : visit the website: http://tchadtalents.td

For more information and partnership contact: +23562019242 or by email: contact@tchadtalents.td or cmohamed@genglobal.org

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