I Run for Entrepreneurship
20 Nov 2013

A unique life story brought Juan Pablo Muñoz to realize his dream and, in turn, provide the possibility to 1,500 Chileans to participate in a 5k and 10k run on Saturday, November 23 as part of the activities of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013.

If there is one thing that drives an entrepreneur, it’s running: from meeting delivery deadlines, or a trip to the bank, or a meeting, and even to fulfill your own project. To reach the final goal, entrepreneurs must overcome obstacles. The team has to set the pace and run with them and push his their family to support the great undertaking.

With these ideas in mind, the first ever Corrida's Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2013: I Run was organized. The event is sponsored by Security Mutual C.CH.C. and organized by World Running, Zero Moment NewsHolding.It will be held on Saturday November 23 in the Providencia district.

”The support entrepreneurship, innovation and small and medium enterprises in Chile is a central focus of the work of our company, that is why we do not hesitate a second to support this important initiative to showcase and encourage entrepreneurship and healthy and safe sport,"says Maria Isabel Pardo, marketing manager of Security Mutual.

The prizes are worth $5,500 for 5K and 10K, there are three separate categories each for men and women that will define the 24 winners of medals and gifts from sponsors. More information and registration can be found at www.yocorro.cl

The route

Every morning Juan Pablo Muñoz runs 30 kilometers between the departure and return from work to home, as well as marathons of up to 150K.

But the real surprise is how this journalist by profession overcame a grim chapter of his life. During an organized run in December 2012 a run to support a Telethon, a drunken recklessness driver plowed into several runners, killing three and wounding several including Juan Pablo. The driver is now free.

”After the accident I received many tokens of affection and particularly from other runners who were also present the day of the accident. I just went back to jogging after I was discharged. Six months into my recovery I felt the need to send a strong message of perseverance and overcoming to entrepreneurs, athletes and ordinary people: in every step I take it is always in memory of the runners who died," said John Paul.

That led to a crusade that enabled him to realize the first Run for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Juan Pablo can finally send his message. "On Saturday, November 23 it will be extremely emotional for everyone who wants to run for their dreams, to make the effort necessary to achieve their goals and, despite the difficulties, move forward with a smile on his face and the joy of knowing dedication and effort that great things are achieved.”

Some of the institutions related to entrepreneurship supporting this initiative are the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile and various media such outlets such as newspaper and and LUN Radio Cooperativa.

- See more at: http://cl.unleashingideas.org/news/yo-corro-por-el-emprendimiento#sthash.7xNNXiho.dpuf