President Xi Calls for Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship
9 Nov 2013

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday urged society to create favorable conditions to support youth entrepreneurship.

The call was made in a letter sent by the president to congratulate the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week / China on its opening in Shanghai.

Xi expressed his greetings to the young entrepreneurs for their entrepreneurial courage in the letter, saying that the nation's future lies in the youth, innovation serves as the soul for social advancement, and starting a business plays an important role in boosting social and economic development. He called on the youth to study hard and forge ahead in a determined yet down-to-earth manner in order to make full use of their intelligence and better serve society.

Xi added that the event is helpful for the youth to inspire their entrepreneurial ideas and start businesses. Global Entrepreneurship Week, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship globally, has attracted the participation of 138 countries.

China has hosted six such events since 2007.

[source: Xinhua]


Xi Jinping Sends His Congratulations on the Official Opening of Global Entrepreneurship Week / China

To 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week China Organization Committee:

As 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) China is officially opened and the GEW China campus is unveiled, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm congratulations to you all. My sincere greetings go out to the young people of China who are working hard to innovate and start their own business and to the people from all walks of life who care about and support youth entrepreneurship.

The hopes of a country and a nation lie in its youth. Innovation is the soul of social progress and starting a business is an important way of boosting economic and social development and improving the lives of the people. Young students are a wellspring of imagination and creativity and a vital force in entrepreneurship. I hope that young people will see their hopes and dreams as being closely tied to the development and progress of their country and the great practices of the people. They should study hard, keep their feet on the ground, and forge ahead, serving society and displaying their talent as they innovate and start new businesses.

The theme of this year's event is 'The Chinese Dream and the Entrepreneurial Dream'. Spreading a culture of entrepreneurship, sharing experiences of starting a business, and promoting a spirit of entrepreneurship all help to encourage young people -- particularly young students -- to create their own entrepreneurial vision and launch entrepreneurial activities. In this, they will contribute to our dream of the great resurgence of the Chinese nation.

Everyone in society should value and support entrepreneurship by young people. More favorable conditions and a broader platform should be provided so that young people can achieve even more dazzling results in entrepreneurship.

May the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week China be an all-round success!

Xi Jinping

November 8, 2013