Welcome to GEN Connect

Global Entrepreneurship Network
United States
Wednesday, January 1, 2020 - 12:42

GEN Connect brings the entire GEN ecosystem under one roof. Here, we can share resources, ask questions, make announcements, and much more. To start, make sure you are logged in, then click the "+Start New" button to start a new conversation. 

There are multiple channels that you may belong to at GEN Connect, depending on the level of access you have received. Most GEN Members will see the "general feed," all the conversations from the general assembly of GEN Members. Each part of the GEN ecosystem has its own channel. If you are a member of a specific part of the ecosystem, you will also see a button on the left that will allow you to filter by that channel.

If your conversation is a question, and you feel that the replies have answered your question, you can EDIT your conversation and move it to the Archived tab where it will be available for GEN Members as a resource. If you particularly like a specific reply, click the "thumbs up" button next to it.

Please join the GEN Connect conversation! 

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