World champ creative entrepreneurs 2015
25 Nov 2015

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This afternoon Danish time, HRH. Prince Joachim of Denmark rewarded the world’s best creative entrepreneur. The award ceremony took place in the Main Hall of the Royal School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2015 befell Blitab of Austria who impressed the jury with their business idea; the world’s first tablet for the visually impaired. Runners-up were Podwalk of Norway and Iceblink Digital of South Korea, who were awarded with a second and third place respectively.
The best project ideas at this year’s Innovation Challenges at Creative Business Cup were named too. Here, Miss Can (Portugal), MakerClub (United Kingdom), DXTR Tactile (Danmark), CPH Shelter (Denmark) and Doctor Gummy (Portugal) where named best in their respective categories.
The past three days creative entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries have presented over a 100 pitches in front of an international jury comprising of Christian Stadil (Thornico A/S), Stiven Kerestegian Ganarillas (LEGO) and Håkan Nordkvist (IKEA) among others as well as around 400 investors from all over the world.
Said Rasmus Tscherning, CEO Creative Business Cup: ”This year’s Creative Business Cup confirmed the level ambition from innovative and creative startups who want to transform a brilliant idea into a sustainable business. Even better, Creative Business Cup 2015 has proved to us that the investors have their attention fixed on the many business opportunities collaborating with small, innovative businesses.”
An exciting deliberation led to the jury’s decision to award Blitab from Austria with the title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2015. Said the jury about the winner: “These entrepreneurs are passionate. The idea is social and innovative. The technology could be revolutionary – creating the right marriage between technology and social structures.  Opening up the world to blind people who cannot see, could also encourage the blind to bring more solutions in the future.”
Regarding Podwalk of Norway, the second best at Creative Cup 2015, the jury had the following comment: “The team is strong. They are bringing towns and its stories to where it should be. This team has the capability and an excellent take on becoming the next platform for podcasts. It is a new way to experience the environment – highlighting that each place is unique”. Explaining the decision to award Iceblink Digital, South Korea a third place in the competition, the jury stated: “This product is a great example of the creative industries.  Creating a platform for creative people. Empowering the musicians and simplifying the way to create music.”

Innovation Challenges
This year, Creative Business Cup premiered the Innovation Challenge category as a new initiative to strengthen and support the bridging of innovative entrepreneurship with various industries.
Said Creative Business Cup jury member Harry Barreza, Head of Open Innovation at Arla Foods: “We are delighted with the quality of entries to the Innovation Challenges. Innovation Challenges and Creative Business Cup help attract the brightest minds and focus on solving real problems.  The set up is a demonstration of how small and big businesses can work together to create real impact through innovation.”
Further information on Creative Business Cup Innovation Challenges 2015:

Innovation Challenges winners: The jury’s statements
Arla Food Innovation: Miss Can (Portugal)
“The winner has historical and local roots. But they also possess the creative abilities to adress the treats to their traditional position. They reinvent 'what was' into a whole new take on a somewhat flat everyday category – canned fish. This is the kind of challenge Arla meets everyday in the milk category. The result in hand is a great natural product – wrapped in a colourful and likable universe.  Our winner of Arla Food Innovation Challenge 2015 truly understood the challenge of making the world a better place to eat. Congratulations to Miss Can from Portugal.”
Cultiva Play & Learn: MakerClub (Great Britain)
“Cultiva has had the pleasure of viewing over 50 candidates in this competition for the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge, and we are overwhelmed with the level of the contestants. The 3 finalists were all amazing, and VERY different from one another.
Our winner is an idea that is a perfect fit with Cultiva’s ambitions and vision, and that was spot on when it comes to the brief. It includes hardware and software, as well as inspiration in the physical environment of the city. The jury actually expected something very different from this candidate, so we were taken by surprise in a positive way! 
The winner has another relevance in the way that they come from an area that is similar to Kristiansand and have been involved with projects earlier that are relevant to us. We could easily see that the team had done their research and that they knew how to work with children. Their team is diverse, and we liked the honesty of the presenter.
The Cultiva Foundation was unanimous in its decision to award the first price to the candidate, and the winner is MAKERCLUB!”
ACE – European ICT creative: DXTR Tactile (Denmark)
“ACE – ICT Creative Innovation Challenge ACE Creative is an Horizon 2020 programme to   accelerate the international growth of ICT driven creative industries. In our first ever innovation challenge the ACE Creative jury has awarded the prize to a local Danish startup that spawn out of student research at the South Danish University: DXTR Tactile. Under the motto ”Embrace play”, DXTR Tactile’s product is an interactive toy to develop children’s cognitive skills. After much deliberation, the jury selected DXTR Tactile as the winner because, in their own words:  DXTR Tactile is sitting on something much bigger than they think. Their product has huge potential that is not without risk; their product can empower children, the elderly and all of us to embrace and achieve our individual potential; and last but not least, DXTR Tactile is lead by a credible team who already convinced the jury of their ability to evolve and take on board good advice, through the evolution of the pitch they delivered yesterday, to a new improved version today.”   
Smart Sustainable Living: CPH Shelter (Denmark)
“The winner of the sustainable living challenge has huge potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We the jury found the presentation as well as the product very believable, and therefor the prize goes to CPH Shelter.”
Health Innovation: Doctor Gummy (Portugal)
“The winner of the Health Innovation Challenge is in some ways an unlikely winner. The product captures the true spirit of Creative Business Cup, with its disruptive and creative spirit. What they are doing is not an obvious part of the health industry. They are presenting a different take on how to distribute medicine. This is something that will be needed in the future. Therefor the prize goes to Doctor Gummy.”

Creative Business Cup prizes
The total of prizes at this year’s creative business cup amounts to 677.000 €.
The winner of Creative Business Cup and the title as The world’s best creative startup is awarded 15.000 €, a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €) and a membership of Microsoft Bizspark Plus (estimated value of up 110.000 €).
Second- and third place winner at this year’s Creative Business Cup are each awarded a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €) and a membership of Microsoft Bizspark Plus (estimated value of up 110.000 €).
Innovation Challenges
The winner of The Arla Food Innovation Challenge is given the opportunity to further develop their concept in collaboration with Arla Food. Furthermore, the winner is awarded 10.000 € and a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €).
The winner of the Cultiva Play and Learn Innovation Challenge is given the opportunity to become part of Cultiva’s team in Norway in 2016. Furthermore, the winner is awarded 10.000 € and a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €).
The winner of the European ICT creatives Challenge is awarded 1.000 € as well as a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €) and a membership of Microsoft Bizspark Plus (estimated value of up 110.000 €).
The winner of Smart Sustainable Living Challenge is awarded 1.000 € as well as a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €).
The winner of the Health Innovation Challenge is awarded The Frogleap prize consisting of a coaching process three months long, during which the winner will engage in sessions with experts and mentors in the e-health industry (estimated value: 20.000 €).

The Creative Business Cup Investors Pitch
In the category The Creative Business Cup Investors Pitch (Investor Board), the best pitch was awarded a branding workshop sponsored by We are AM (, worth 10.000 € and a yearlong membership of consultancy agency Stylus (estimated value: 20.000 €). The winner of this prize was world champion Blitab from Austria.
Said the jury: “The CBC Investor winner has a revenue model that despite some risk in some stages has potential for significant return of investment. The winner has been chosen for covering a niche market that has an untapped potential, for bringing in a necessary tool for people that have been marginalised for years. The product that they bring in the market gives access to information and connectivity to millions of excluded people. The winner unlocks new horizons on how disabled people will upgrade their lives: BLITLAB.”

Members of the Creative Business Cup jury





Alice Loy


Creative Startups


Anniken Fjelberg

Co-founder and Director

657 Oslo


Bo Koch-Christensen




Christian Stadil

Owner & CEO

Thornico A/S


Christopher Lindinger


Ars Electronica Futurelab


Håkon Nordkvist

Head of Sustainability Innovation

IKEA Group


Harry Barraza

Head of Open Innovation

Arla Foods


Lars Iversen

Senior Business Adviser and Partner

Springfellow International


Luka Lu

Managing partner

Capital Associates


Magnus Scheving

Director, Actor and Producer



Marc Worth

Chairman and CEO

Stylus Media Group

Great Britain

Piers Currie

Group Head of Brand

Aberdeen Asset Management

Great Britain

Simona Maschi

Co-founder and Director

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


Stiven Kerestegian Gandarillas

Senior manager



Yuli Tamir


Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art


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Creative Business Cup 2015 partners
Entrepreneur Magazine (USA), Gust (USA), Frogleap (Sweden), Optiteam (Denmark), Business Angels Week (Belgium), Arla (Denmark), Cultiva (Norway), Deloitte (Denmark), Aberdeen Asset Management (Denmark), European Business Angels Network (EU), Carlsberg (Denmark) Nordea Fonden (Denmark), the Danish Ministry of Culture (Denmark), The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth (Denmark), The Danish Business Authority (Denmark), The City of Copenhagen (Denmark), Global Entrepreneurship Week (USA), Business Angels Copenhagen (Denmark), Nordic Foodworks (Denmark), The Kauffman Foundation (USA), Founders House (Denmark), YouNoodle (USA), The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Denmark), BSR Stars (EU), The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (Denmark), Invio (Danmark), ACE Creative (EU)

EBAN Winter University
EBAN (The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players) is an organisation made up of more than 300 representatives of the early stage financing industry and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This year, the EBAN Winter University took place in Copenhagen as a part of Creative Business Cup. Around 300 investors and business angels gathered at Copenhagen neighborhood Holmen to exchange knowledge and ideas.
By combining the two events, a course for networking and business synergies between creative entrepreneurs and business investors was set up.

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