The world’s first business plan for kids
23 Nov 2015

No matter your age, you can become your own boss. Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark is launching the world’s first free of charge business plan for kids, who are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs.
Straightforward, simple and at children’s level.
Be your own Boss is a brand new and never before seen booklet that aims at making it easier for children to act on their good ideas. The booklet gives an introduction to the most central tools traditionally applied to entrepreneurial work. With these simple tools schoolchildren at all levels with entrepreneurial ambition will be better equipped to create their very first business plan.
Be your own Boss has a more visual and creative approach to business planning than similar designs aimed at adults. Working with Be your own Boss the children will engage in both cut and paste, drawing and photographing while sharpening up their business idea.
Be your own Boss is introduced as a gift to children all over the world in continuation of the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week which takes place in November. It is the eight time Global Entrepreneurship Week is held in Denmark, but the first time the week has shone a special light on children and young adults as prospective entrepreneurs that, as much as any grown up entrepreneur, need inspiration and access to tangible tools to bring their good ideas to the next level, turning them into a real business.
”Be your own Boss fills out a void in the market. It is an easy approachable tool for children to work with, setting down their good ideas on paper. Maybe it will lead to them creating a real business, maybe it won’t.
The most important thing is that the children learn to act on their good ideas. We know from research that entrepreneurs, who have had the opportunity to practice their skills, tend to start more viable businesses. The earlier you start practising your entrepreneurial skills the better. Our society is dependent on more people pursuing their ideas, creating new solutions, products and services – and at the same time creating more jobs,” says Sine Larsen, campaign manager at Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark.
Download Be your own Boss for free HERE (teachers’ manual, intended for use in educational contexts, can be downloaded HERE).
For more information about Be your own Boss please contact:
Sine Larsen, campaign manager, Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark
Mobil: + 45 23 28 16 75
Global Entrepreneurship Week | Denmark Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is Denmark’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators, who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.
From the 16th to the 20th November GEW will inspire people all over the country through local and national activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.
This year GEW Denmark shines an extra spotlight on the next generation of doer’s: students from primary school to PhD level and youngtrepreneurs under 30 that alone or together with others act on possibilities and put good ideas to use.  
Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark 2015 is hosted by The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority and a number of private and public organisations.

Soren Romer

Digital communications consultant | Fonden for Entreprenørskab

I work with digital design and strategy for Global Entrepreneurship Week | Denmark