Pinzon Envisions Scale Up Ecosystem with GEN Ecuador
14 Nov 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Ecuador has one of the highest rates of entrepreneurial activity in Latin America, but only a few of its entrepreneurs have reached high-impact. Camilo Pinzon, the acting managing director of GEN Ecuador, has been instrumental in propelling entrepreneurial activity and developing entrepreneurship education in Ecuador’s public and private sectors by actively expanding collaboration among ecosystem leaders.

“I am honored to serve as the acting managing director of GEN Ecuador,” said Pinzon. “Ecuador is an extremely diverse country with a high rate of entrepreneurship in which I see an immense amount of potential. I am confident that by introducing the Global Entrepreneurship Network to the business and innovation ecosystem locally – which has grown exponentially over the past few years, thanks to the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and its allies – we will be able to see a greater ripple effect on a regional and global level.”

Pinzon founded a number of Ecuador’s leading entrepreneur support organizations including the Corporation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador (CEIE), StartUps and Ventures, and UTPL Business School: EDES. An education expert, he ran Pearson Education’s Andean higher education division from 2012 to 2015. In addition, he chaired the first Congress of Entrepreneurial Education in the country, designed EmprendEcuador – Ecuador’s first public entrepreneurship program, established the Angel Investment Club, and founded the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI), a public-private ecosystem development initiative.

Given his record of accomplishment, the Global Entrepreneurship Network appointed Pinzon in January 2018 to direct the development of GEN Ecuador.

Under his leadership, GEN Ecuador will focus on strengthening the ecosystem by:

  • Curating and sharing international best practices for supporting entrepreneurial activities
  • Sourcing innovative legal frameworks that incentivize new firm formation
  • Connecting the local ecosystem and entrepreneurs with GEN’s global initiatives
  • Building a scale up ecosystem in Ecuador.

In addition, GEN Ecuador will design new initiatives that strengthen local ecosystems and foster sustainable economic development through job creation and innovation.

Pinzon is an internationally recognized economic development specialist and leads seminars on entrepreneurship, innovation, and public administration and governance.


About the Global Entrepreneurship Network
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