Delivering on Promises: GEW Ethiopia Launches National Entrepreneurship Development Center
20 Nov 2013

GEW Ethiopia heard from then President Girma Wolde-Girogis in 2011 and Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in 2012 about the importance of entrepreneurship as an essential tool in its concerted campaign against unemployment and poverty. And so they got to work on building a better ecosystem for entrepreneurship.

These building blocks and support have led to the highlight of this year's GEW activities in Ethiopia, the formation and launching of the Entrepreneurship Development Center - Ethiopia (EDC), a center which is to serve as the focal point for private and public sector efforts to encourage and grow innovation and entrepreneurship. The Center was formed with support from the Ethiopian government and UNDP.

GEW Ethiopia host Michael Gizaw of Empact Capital explains that the Entrepreneurship Development Center is to serve as a resource center for entrepreneurs, and help coordinate governmental and multilateral support for the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. Much of the focus is on youth entrepreneurship, similar to GEW's focus on young entrepreneurs. The EDC has already joined GEW Ethiopia as a partner and is expected to be a permanent member of GEW Ethiopia's Host Committee which plans to make GEW activities year round.

This year eight GEW Ethiopia partners are organizing events and several media outreach programs as the efforts to build the ecosystem continue