Other | November 22, 2018

Thank you GEW2018 warm welcome to GEW2019!

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First of all, I would like to express my deepest thanks to all participating in this joint event, to Xamk, to the network of Nationwide YES and to the Finnish Entrepreneurs, regional organizations. This has been a good and efficient co-operation. It is great to see that the excellent co-operation of entrepreneurship is a connecting factor.

The main Coordinator GEW2018 in Finland was Xamk, Small Business Center and the main partners were nationwide YES and Finnish entrepreneurs. There have been dozens of teachers, hundreds of entrepreneurs, players, students, potential entrepreneurs, representatives of different nationalities and thousands of participants at various events. Events were carried out in Mikkeli, Kotka, Kouvola, Espoo, Helsinki, Turku and Himos.

For the first time in GEW2008 the Small Business Center was the main coordinator in Finland for a few years time and then again from 2017 onwards.

Numbers and events

In Finland, events 2018: 46, Participants around 5000 in total. 
Events: seminars, speeches on entrepreneurship, innovations, pitching, selfbrandings, sales. There was the International Entrepreneurship Fair, where students told about the opportunities for internationalization of their own countries and had highlighted light entrepreneurship. There was NY Start Up programme, sparring and NY camp together with various educational institutions. Also seminars were organized a seminar for entrepreneurs for internationalization, digital and cyber security etc. As well as the International Mikkeli Day event. There was also part of Xamk's restaurants menu internationality taken into. There were organized entrepreneur-student networking events and Recruit fair events, where entrepreneurs and companies were looking for potential workers. There has been a seminar on student exchange. There has been international cooperation and negotiation sparring sessions. And has been a well-being innovation workshop.

GEW2018 Finland was also participated in Innovate or Die competition and one Xamk student team won the competition. 

When thinking about GEW2019 we are inspired and willing to act as a host. This year 2018 our main goal was learning for and learning through entrepreneurship. This was a good and effective theme. It is good to continue!


Anne Gustafsson-Pesonen
GEW2018 FINLAND, host