The Gambia: using GEW to focus on ICT development
20 Nov 2013

GEW 2013 in The Gambia has an overriding theme and it is all about ICT. After hearing from the various stakeholders throughout the week’s GEW events, the entire community will gather for a grand finale event at the Sheraton on Friday the 29th. This 3rd Annual Business Gala Dinner will offer an opportunity for all stakeholders, from users up to policymakers to express their opinions on where the country stands and where it is going in terms of ICT development.

Some of the most influential voices in the sector will be heard at the event. The keynote speakers and topics include:

  • Honorable Minister of Information, Communication & Infrastructure: “What does ACE means for The Gambia?”
  • His Excellency the US Ambassador / Charges d’Affaires To The Gambia: "On-going relationship between the USA and The Gambia."
  • The President of the IT Association in The Gambia: "Leverage on ICT for Sustainable Development."
  • The CEO/Managing Director of RLG Company Ltd: “The Impact of ICT on Job Creation and Entrepreneurship”


The American Chamber of Commerce, The Gambia, is the host of GEW The Gambia and their Julius Freeman reports that the event should provide ”an intellectual & inspiring evening with opportunities for networking with entrepreneurs, business communities, diplomats, government officials and partners in development with over 400 guests expected to attend.”

For more information, you can reach the organizers at +220 3576000/7523648/9677323